Why work in luxury marketing?

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What is luxury marketing?

Why work in luxury marketing? This sector uses the same processes as standard marketing, except that it highlights high-end products. Whether they come from the perfume industry, the hotel industry, haute couture clothing or even gastronomy, everything is done to spread the values specific to the sector: quality, uniqueness, rarity…

The marketing of luxury goods relies above all on communication. Where standard brands favor the utility and functions of the product, luxury emphasizes its symbolic value and maintains the notion of rarity in terms of distribution points. Another difference compared to other sectors is the advertised price. Where most of the market sets a price in relation to overall demand, here the price will be set according to the psychological dimension affiliated with the brand. Luxury marketing uses its own distribution networks in order to remain associated with a high-end image, without association with mass distribution.


Luxury marketing is a sector that recruits

As luxury is a rapidly expanding field, its sector is recruiting strongly in certain branches.

Marketing, as well as other sectors with a strong digital presence, have been very buoyant areas in recent years. The Covid crisis has accentuated this aspect. In addition, the ever-growing presence of social networks and the democratization of e-commerce in the luxury sector have favored the luxury marketing professions. Digital is globally a sector of the future, which offers a wide variety of jobs and experts.


LVMH, for example, recently announced the recruitment of 25,000 permanent employees, including project managers, community managers and e-merchandising specialists. If the sector is recruiting so much, especially in the field of marketing, it’s because luxury companies have been slow to make the transition to digital. Once rooted in a world of tradition and principle, the largest retailers have begun their digital transition to reach a wider audience. This is why marketing professions are the new tools of this global transition. As a result, recruitment has increased significantly.

What are the different professions in luxury marketing?

Once you have completed your luxury marketing training, it is possible to aim for several types of jobs within the sector. Luxury companies are looking for specialized professionals capable of meeting ambitious challenges.

Advertising Manager

In the luxury sector, the advertising manager is associated with a field salesperson. He acts as a relay between the brand, for which he is responsible for the budget, and the advertising agency. Beforehand, he is briefed by his employer in order to know the elements to put forward. A marketing strategy is then studied, and several proposals are made to address all the possibilities. It is then thanks to his talents as an animator that he coordinates the teams and manages the follow-up of the campaign, through the diffusion of spots or outdoor advertising.

Luxury product manager

This is a position that requires a lot of responsibility. With their eyes riveted on luxury trends, the Luxury Product Manager surveys consumers by conducting market research to identify their current desires. He then manufactures an asset, determines the strategy to promote it, and manages the project while scrupulously respecting a precise budget. It is thus affiliated with a product, from its conception to its marketing.

Luxury project manager

The role of the Project Manager elaborates all the theoretical steps to facilitate its design. He writes the specifications, determines the role of each team member in the design of the property. He also establishes the budget and defines each step in the manufacturing process.


Working in luxury marketing: what are the skills and knowledge you need to work in this sector?

Those who want to start studying luxury marketing must have certain specific skills. Halfway between several fields, often required to manage a project throughout all its stages, you must be able to master a range of knowledge. It is the accumulation of several skills that will eventually allow the achievement of the objectives inherent in luxury marketing positions.

Indeed, as market research managers, candidates must demonstrate a keen sense of analysis and synthesis. Particularly established in the commercial sector, it is in their interest to master the legal and financial fundamentals. Finally, in order to adapt to the technological mutation of the sector, it is essential to master the various computer tools.

Marketing offers a wide range of jobs, of which the following are a few examples:

  • Luxury product manager

Its main mission is to develop promotional strategies to disseminate the product, objectives. He conducts market research to target current trends and buyer desires. It will then develop products in direct response to consumer needs.

  • Luxury brand manager

The mission of the luxury brand manager is to promote a product in order to highlight the values and spirit of a brand. Its role is to define a national and international implementation strategy. He also carries out various communication missions in partnership with agencies. Throughout the process, he follows the development and growth of the various products in the range. It is a job that requires a lot of skills in various fields such as communication, innovation and business. The mastery of several foreign languages is also essential.

What languages do you need to speak to work in luxury marketing?

As an internationally oriented sector, the main language to master is English.

Mostly used by companies around the world, it is a must for anyone wishing to evolve in luxury marketing. In fact, professionals must be able to present a product and negotiate all aspects without difficulty. This is why, from the beginning of many courses, some courses are given in English. Of course, in order to maximize your potential for success, it is recommended that you master other languages, such as German, Italian or Spanish.

Are luxury marketing jobs the jobs of the future?

The luxury marketing professions are professions that touch on many areas within the same job. Once associated with the function of “advertiser”, the marketing professions have evolved considerably with the times. The first step is to take a sociological look at the market and study consumer preferences in order to adapt supply to demand. This is what we call data marketing.

It is also a question of knowing and using the new technological means to facilitate the work of communication, especially through social networks.

Finally, the referencing of sites via search engines is now an integral part of the promotion of a brand’s image. Luxury marketing includes all these aspects and more. It is an employment sector that is deeply rooted in modernity and is constantly reinventing itself.

What training should I do to work in luxury marketing?

Working in luxury marketing requires a position of responsibility. Thus, a certain number of years of study is necessary before reaching the desired position.

Generally graduates of a Bac +5, students in this sector have followed a course of study in a business or marketing school or have specialised in specific sectors. Here, a specialization in luxury goods and marketing is an obvious way to get to know all the ins and outs of the sector. There are many training courses, each with its own specificities. As examples, the following degrees can be cited:

  • MBA Luxury Marketing
  • Msc Luxury Marketing
  • Master in Luxury Marketing
  • Bachelor in Luxury Marketing

However, a diploma alone is not a guaranteed way to reach a high responsibility in the field. Generally, a young graduate has to prove himself or herself for a few years in a smaller position in order to gain convincing experience. At the same time, he or she can work in the marketing department of a company and specialize in digital marketing or e-business.

The ESCE Grande Ecole program: Specialization, Communication, Luxury and Prestige Marketing is a reference in terms of training for the luxury industry.

This course is designed for holders of a BAC +3, and is geared towards the luxury, fashion and communication industries. The program offers an in-depth look at the history of luxury houses as well as the deciphering of their codes. Historical and sociological education is combined with several innovative disciplines:

  • luxury brand management
  • universe of luxury
  • luxury retail trends
  • brand image and digital communication
  • professional profiles in communication

In order to confront students with concrete and formative situations, ESCE allows them to spend a semester at Baruch College in New York, a mecca for luxury and fashion. Upon completion of the course, the student will have all the keys to develop a quality marketing strategy and meet the expectations of the major prestige houses.


Updated 19 April 2023