How do I get into a luxury house?

Intégrer une maison de luxe permet de côtoyer différents secteurs, tels que la mode, la maroquinerie ou les cosmétiques.
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Joining a luxury house: what is your profile?

The luxury sector encompasses a number of fascinating fields: haute couture clothing, jewelry, palaces, perfumes… it is nevertheless a milieu that is difficult to access, where high standards are the watchword. Every year, profiles from various backgrounds want to try the experience in order to be hired in a major luxury house.

Before embarking on a professional quest, it is important to know yourself well in order to meet the expectations of recruiters.

Do you have a luxury culture?

The world of luxury is a microcosm with its own codes. It requires a real preparation before joining. Do you read enough luxury news to know the latest trends? Do you regularly visit high-end stores or venues to maintain your culture? Do you spend enough time developing your sense of elegance and aesthetics? Your inspirations and your culture of the environment will be your first luggage in front of a recruiter. Therefore, if you want to work in this sector, you must consume luxury with passion and constantly maintain your curiosity. During an interview, it is not uncommon for a recruiter to ask a candidate about the history of a major company or one of its products.

Do you have enough rigor?

The world of luxury is by far one of the most rigorous. Make sure you want to enter this field for the right reasons. If you are only interested in the aesthetic aspect, maybe you should think twice. It is a sector that requires a lot of humility. It is a matter of getting involved in the name of a common project and to value it. The product, and not the individual, must remain the center of all attention.

To perpetuate values and know-how requires a lot of renunciation and sacrifice. Embracing the spirit of a brand requires commitment and attention to detail, both individually and collectively. To this rigor is added the relationship with the customer, a high level of stress management and the respect of codes inherent to the brand. The luxury requirement is not for all profiles.

Does your curriculum match your ambitions?

A very large number of courses, of varying lengths, are available to train for the luxury industry. Learning is therefore very different from one another and leads to singular paths. There are a variety of admissions opportunities depending on your level of study and your specialties. Before going into an interview, find out what levels of knowledge are required, what type of degree, and what skills your recruiter may need from you. Luxury is a complex entity, requiring varying qualities depending on the job and the company that is recruiting. Your passion and interest for the brand will be a real asset.

Which courses allow you to do an internship or work-study in the luxury industry?

There are sectors, especially those with a high cultural value, that require in-depth knowledge before committing. Based on this observation, some schools have decided to provide training courses, adapted to all, allowing to learn and to become professional.

This is how ESCE developed a marketing specialization oriented towards the luxury and communication professions. In addition to theoretical instruction, the program offers the opportunity to discover the history and codes that have made the greatest houses. This training is called Specialization in communication, luxury and prestige marketing.

Through the expertise of the instructors, as well as through real-life situations, the training provides students with a top-of-the-line framework, reinventing the very concepts of marketing strategies and cultural education. In addition, one of the semesters of the program can be completed at Baruch College in New York City, one of the hotspots of luxury, fashion, advertising and digital marketing. At the end of the program, candidates will have the opportunity to complete an internship in the United States, providing them with a unique and professionalizing international experience.

Searching for an internship, a work-study program or a position in the luxury industry: use all the levers at your disposal

Social networks and other professional platforms have become essential for finding a job or an internship. In order to be contacted for sure by recruiters, it is important to respect certain rules.

Soigner sa première impression

On Linkedin or Indeed, filling out your profile is not an option. Every detail counts and contributes to arouse interest. Take the time to fill out all the parts, even the ones you think are secondary. Also take care to add keywords related to your skills, through your professional background and your interests. Everything must lead to a link with the desired position. Your page is a showcase, every element must work in your favor.

The profile photo must meet specific criteria. For example, choose a neutral background and a photo that enhances you. There is no need to use the most original shots, this type of photo must speak to the greatest number of people and not offend any sensitivity. Remember that a profile with a photo will be seen 14 times more.

Détailler la rubrique formation

This step is of crucial importance to gain the interest of a recruiter. By filling this part, you multiply by seven the visits on your page. Better than an explanatory text, your skills will be immediately targeted through your training and your experiences (associative, voluntary, …). This will help focus attention on your career path and establish consistency by targeting certain positions or internships.

Utilisez les groupes de discussion à votre avantage

By integrating into discussion groups or through company pages, you establish a progressive contact with your future professional environment. The comments posted will be evidence of interest in the sector. Above all, they will allow you to keep up to date with developments in the profession. Be aware that a group member’s profile is viewed 5 times more. Being noticed is the first way to exist in the eyes of your future employer. Of course, be sure to take care of your grammar and spelling.

Mettez en avant vos talents

Whether on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks dedicated to your professional career, your page is first and foremost a portfolio. Use it as an identity card, highlighting your abilities and your world. Whether it’s in draft form or as finished work, anything that can showcase your skills is welcome. Highlight links to your portfolio or your online site, and above all maintain your link with the outside world as much as possible.

Utilisez les réseaux sociaux pour trouver un job/stage

Social networks are no longer just a demonstration page. They are also job search and contact tools. Applications like Linkedin suggest jobs based on the keywords you use. Recruiters particularly use these applications, which are now an inevitable part of the process if you want to maximize your chances of finding a job.

Preparing for a luxury home interview

More than in other sectors, interviews in the luxury sector meet very specific criteria. In an increasingly competitive environment, it is important to know the basics in order to leave nothing to chance.

Mastering your subject

Preparation for the interview accounts for 50% of its success. Make sure you know what the company you are applying for is doing, as well as its products. What is the price range of the brand? What makes the identity of the house? What is the target? By learning about the company’s history and values, you will send a positive signal of your commitment and interest in applying. Whether it is for an internship or a permanent position, the luxury houses will appreciate your consideration and have more confidence in your abilities. Knowing how to answer all of a recruiter’s questions is already demonstrating your professionalism.

Take care of the exterior markers

As with any interview, your appearance is particularly important. In luxury, this is a priority. Your outfit must be thought out, the elements must be measured out. Make sure you stay sober and don’t send any unwanted signals. Even if your presentation is important, it is your personality that must convince. You can take the time to assert yourself if you are committed, but don’t rush the process. Avoid extravagance, camouflage your tattoos as best you can. For a maintenance, discretion and sobriety are required. Only your arguments and your personality will work in your favor.

Also, be careful to control your body language. Awkward attitudes may betray your stress or discomfort. In the same way that you dress, it is important to adopt a discreet attitude, anchored in reserve and economy.


Updated 19 April 2023