What is the salary of an import-export salesman?

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In summary:

The import-export salesman:

  • is involved in the commercial development of the country;
  • is the guarantor of the success of the company for which he works;
  • most often comes from an international business school;
  • usually has a fixed salary, plus variables. In addition to his salary, he receives various bonuses and incentives that make his compensation attractive.

Why become a sales representative in the import-export sector?

Working as a salesperson, you have a duty to look for every way to make the business of the company you are offering your services to work. That said, as an import-export salesman, your role takes on much more scope as you are necessarily working on an international level. But why become an import-export salesman?

  • all the operations you carry out and authorize can indirectly impact the country’s economy. To this extent, the job of import-export salesman, in addition to being exciting and thrilling, is rewarding;
  • By entering this profession, you also expose yourself to many travel opportunities. It goes without saying that this is undeniably advantageous for you to improve your knowledge of foreign languages;
  • Your horizon expands at the same time and the meetings you make in the course of your work contribute to enlarge your professional network;
  • If you like to travel and communicate with others, the position of import-export salesman will make you flourish;
  • It is a profession that recruits a lot these days and is quite well paid. Moreover, it gives you the possibility of receiving, in addition to your salary, bonuses which often amount to an interesting sum.

How much does an import-export salesman earn?

Your salary as an import-export salesperson can vary naturally depending on your activities, the number and success of operations and your experience.

What are the salary ranges for an import-export salesman starting his career?

If you are starting out as an import-export salesman, you can start at around 25,000 euros gross per year. If you are particularly skilled and invested, however, you have the opportunity to earn more, quickly.

You should also take into account bonuses and other benefits that you may receive, which are quite common in commercial jobs. Indeed, they are given to you for example when you carry out a lot of transactions that benefit the company. They exist as soon as you join a company and start working and running operations.

What salary does an import-export salesman receive after several years of experience?

After several years of experience, you should naturally acquire more skills and be more efficient in your work. Thus, your remuneration can reach 50 000 euros gross per year.

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Does an import-export technical salesman receive a higher salary than a classic import-export salesman?

In practice, the missions of the import-export technical salesman are very similar to those of an import-export salesman, but with a few details. In simple terms, the technical salesperson is more concerned with studying the products that the company offers to customers. On the other hand, the import-export salesman is in charge of expanding the network and maintaining the relationship with the company.

They both receive the same benefits as well as bonuses and commissions based on the number of sales and the success of the operations. The salary you receive as an import-export salesman is then close to the one you can get by becoming a technical salesman.

If in the first case you can get between 25,000 and 50,000 euros per year, in the second case you can get between 40,000 and 45,000 euros per year.

What bonuses can be added to the salary of an import-export salesman?

If we take 50,000 euros as the reference annual salary, as an import-export salesman you can count bonuses and commissions in this sum. These can amount to more than 4,000 euros if you excel in your work. However, premiums vary depending on your industry and company.

In addition to your salary and any bonuses you receive, you may have other benefits as an import-export salesperson. Among other things, your travel abroad is paid for by the company. It can also provide you with a company car and a professional laptop.

How to negotiate your salary when you start as an import-export salesman?

To familiarize yourself with the profession, it is preferable to join a business school such asESCE to do your studies. This can help you evaluate the importance of your role as an import-export sales representative and estimate the salary that corresponds to it. In our FAQ section, which we invite you to consult, there are answers on how to negotiate salary when you are starting out.

Ideally, you should always refer to the average salary for the position and adjust your salary expectations according to various factors. This may include the size of the company you plan to join, or simply your skills.

What is the salary of an import-export sales manager?

As an import-export salesperson, you may consider becoming an import-export sales manager in the future. The latter can receive a remuneration of up to 75,000 euros gross per year.

Updated 17 April 2023