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Are you thinking more and more about enrolling in a Bachelor’s degree? This sounds like an excellent choice. However, it is important to know all the benefits so that you can make the most of everything this program has to offer. Indeed, the Bachelor’s degree brings great advantages in your life, both personally and professionally. So what are the advantages of a Bachelor’s degree?

In summary:


  • Is a program of study offered in business or specialized schools.
  • Allows you to work directly after the training or to continue your studies.
  • Offers international career opportunities.
  • Ensures a better fulfillment in your personal and professional life.

What is a Bachelor?

A Bachelor’s degree is a program that trains students in 3 years. It is directly accessible after the Bac, but also with a Bac +1 or a Bac +2. At the end of the training, you will obtain a level 6 RNCP title which is equivalent to a Bac +3.

The Bachelor is also a professional training. In other words, throughout your post-baccalaureate studies, you will alternate between theoretical courses and business cases. Thus, you are immediately ready to take up a position within a structure after the end of the program.

Apart from that, the Bachelor’s degree is a program that most often offers international opportunities. That’s why you can usually choose to study in English. In addition to this, additional language instruction is also common throughout the program.

Why choose a Bachelor ?

There are many reasons to choose a Bachelor’s degree to begin your studies after the Bac. However, the most important thing is to determine the reasons you need that should drive you to choose this program:

  • The Bachelor’s degree is ideal if you have the ambition to work internationally;
  • it is recommended if you absolutely want to be operational after 3 years post-Bac. The training is designed to provide you with theoretical and practical knowledge during this time;
  • The Bachelor’s degree is also suitable if you need to keep a door open in the event of continuing your studies in Master’s degree.

What are the advantages of a Bachelor’s degree on a professional level?

Professionally, here are the most important advantages of a Bachelor’s degree:

  • International career opportunities allow you to access the best job offers;
  • The international aspect of your curriculum helps you to move up quickly to prestigious positions. Especially since it also allows you to have good relationships in your field of expertise;
  • The Bachelor’s degree integrates you into professional life from the beginning of your program. Because of this, the professional world is already a familiar one for you when you enter your first job;
  • The Bachelor’s degree allows you to specialize during your studies. Thus, you work in a specific field of your choice.

What are the advantages of a Bachelor’s degree on a personal level?

On a personal level, the benefits of a Bachelor’s degree are also worth considering:

  • the Bachelor will save you a lot of time. By combining theory and practice, 3 years of study allow you to directly conquer your first position. This, with all the experience you need;
  • The Bachelor’s degree gives you constant choice regarding your studies and your career. Indeed, it allows you to start your professional career directly, but also to continue your studies in Master;
  • As the Bachelor’s degree is based on international careers, you have the opportunity to learn several foreign languages and to spend time abroad. The language skills you acquire will inevitably serve you well throughout your life.

Why choose to do a Bachelor’s degree at ESCE ?

ESCE is a business school specialized in international careers. It is therefore not surprising that it offers you theInternational Bachelor. With 5 specializations, you have the choice: International Business, Corporate Finance, International Luxury Management, Organizational Management and Marketing & Business Development.

By completing a Bachelor’s degree at ESCE, you will ensure the development of your international career. Our school’s website is always accessible if you want to know more. See also the FAQ section.

Updated 20 April 2023