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The competition to get into the best international business schools is fierce. You must put all the chances on your side to succeed in the different entrance exams. This applies to the famous Sesame competition. In order to be well prepared, it is important to understand all the tests to be taken. We explain everything you need to know.

How many tests does the Sesame exam include?

The Sésame competitive entrance exam is a post-baccalaureate exam for future business school students. It mainly includes 2 major events:

  • Written tests : they are also divided into 3. There is the language test, the reasoning and skills test and the synthesis test. They all take place in a MCQ format;
  • the oral test: this is intended for candidates who have passed the written tests. This is a face-to-face interview.

What are the written tests for the Sésame exam?

For the Sesame exam, the written tests are very important. They are decisive in determining whether or not the applicant is admitted to the school to which he or she wishes to apply. They are divided into several parts, each in the form of a multiple choice questionnaire or MCQ. You have:

  • the language test: it must be completed in 1 hour. It is a 45 question MCQ. Depending on the school, the number of languages may be 1 or 2. In all cases, English is mandatory;
  • Reasoning and skills test: 45 questions on reasoning, mathematics and basic French;
  • Documentary analysis test: the 20 questions are based on a document of about 30 pages;
  • Contemporary issues test: this is a 45-question MCQ on general knowledge and current events.

What does the language test consist of in the Sesame exam?

During the Sesame exam, you will have to take a language test. Two foreign languages will be evaluated. The language test lasts a maximum of 1 hour, or 30 minutes for each language.

Candidates have the right to choose the second language, however, the first is necessarily English. The choices are: Italian, German, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Russian. The test consists of a multiple choice test on grammar, conjugation and vocabulary.

What is the reasoning and skills test of the Sésame exam?

The reasoning and skills test of the Sesame exam is used to test the candidate’s ability to reason. To do this, he must answer a MCQ composed of 45 questions in 1 hour.

There are 15 logic and reasoning questions and 15 math and problem questions. Finally, you have 15 French questions. It should be noted that all questions revolve around the knowledge acquired during the last years of high school.

What is the documentary analysis test of the Sesame exam?

The documentary analysis test of the Sesame exam is part of the synthesis test. It is one of the tests with a fairly high coefficient. It is also the most difficult test according to the candidates, and the most apprehensive of the Sesame exam.

First, you must read and understand a business document of about 30 pages. You have to identify the key points, because afterwards you have to answer a 20-question MCQ. The duration of the analysis is 2 hours.

What is the Contemporary Issues test?

The test is a 30-minute general knowledge test. There are 40 questions that deal with information. You will be tested on your knowledge of your environment.

To pass this test, you must follow the news for 18 months prior to the test.

What oral exams are included in the Sésame exam program?

It is important to note that only candidates who have passed the written tests will take the oral tests. Each school organizes its tests at its own convenience. Therefore, to avoid any misinformation, it is better to go and ask the institution of your choice. Moreover, this part of the Sesame exam takes place on the campus of the school in question.

You have:

  • a personality and motivation interview: this is where you present your background and your assets to convince the school to take you on. You need to master your resume;
  • foreign language tests: not compulsory, but still frequent. You will be able to demonstrate your ability to speak your chosen language when you register.

How to register and prepare for the Sésame exam?

Since 2020, registration for the Sesame competition has been done exclusively on Parcoursup. It is important to register by the end of January.

Sesame exam schedule

Important dates to remember for the Sesame competition are

  • registration: it takes place from the end of January to the end of March;
  • Confirmation of wishes: this takes place from the end of March to the beginning of April;
  • Written tests : they begin in mid-April;
  • The oral tests : they generally take place between the end of April and mid-May;
  • The results are available in early June.

Prepare each test of the Sesame exam with the official platform prepaSESAME

The website is the official training platform for the Sesame exam. You can start training in October. There are all the necessary tools for this. In addition, you will benefit from important advice on how to pass your exam with flying colors.

How much is the registration fee for the Sésame exam?

The registration fee is 295 Euros. You can apply to one or more schools at the same time.

Updated 21 April 2023