Why do a Master’s degree in alternation?

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You are starting your master’s degree and you want to gain your first professional experience? Opt for a work-study program, this is the new formula proposed by universities and grandes écoles. This type of program allows you to combine courses and their applications in companies. In addition, you receive a salary. We will explain to you why you should do a master’s degree in alternation.

Why is it interesting to do a Master’s degree in alternation?

There are many differences between a traditional training program and a work-study program. Indeed, doing a master’s degree in alternation allows the student to put into practice the skills and knowledge acquired during his training. The work-study program also allows the student to finance his or her master’s degree, since the tuition fees are paid by the host company.

Discover a company and put into practice the school’s teachings

A work-study program in the2nd cycle allows students to learn about the business environment. Instead of learning the more theoretical courses, a work-study master’s degree is an opportunity to apply them in the professional environment.

In addition, learning is more thorough because teachers are forced to approach the courses in a concrete way. The knowledge is more concrete, as students spend half of the training in a company.

As work-study students, they are better informed about current events in their sector, which facilitates professional integration. A work-study master’s degree provides learners with practical support: a solid foundation to help them pass their exams, and why not, continue their studies.

Being paid while studying

In addition to the introduction to professional life, students also earn a salary. Depending on the contract and the company, the work-study student is paid the minimum wage according to his or her age.

This is one of the main advantages that pushes students to choose a work-study program. It is a better way to meet some of your daily needs, such as food, transportation or housing.

In private schools, learning is much more costly for the student. In addition to his salary, he benefits from his student status. The company and the region pay for the tuition during the two-year contract.

Acquire experience and promote professional integration

By opting for a work-study program, the learner can have a real professional experience. Between the status of student and employee, it is a step further into the corporate environment.

A work-study master’s program favors professional integration once the students have their diploma in their pocket. Many students are recruited for a permanent position within the host company.

When should I start looking for a company for a work-study Master’s degree?

If you’re convinced that you’ll be doing a work-study master’s degree next fall, you should be prepared.

To find the company that can meet your expectations, take the time to define your professional project and identify the fields that may suit you. By targeting the sector, position and company that match your specialization, you will end up providing a solid application.

Note that an application with a company, apprenticeship or professionalization contract is more attractive to the admission jury. Some colleges and universities have an online platform to help students find a company for a work-study program.

Why is a work-study Master’s degree a good way to finance your studies?

This is the first advantage of a work-study master’s program that attracts students. The 2-year training is at the company’s expense

In addition, work-study students are paid the minimum wage. The amount is defined according to the age of the student.

Work-study training allows learners to manage their daily expenses properly. Benefiting from a student and employee status, the work-study master’s program is the right solution to finance their studies.

Why do a Master’s degree in alternation at ESCE?

ESCE, our business and management school, offers a master’s degree in work-study. Students can enter the 3rd or 4th year of the Grande Ecole program at our school.

Admission to a work-study Master’s program at ESCE requires a Bac+3. The school offers candidates 4 specializations leading to a state-certified master’s degree. As an option, the student may integrate:

Updated 20 April 2023