What is a Bachelor international business ?

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Do you dream of working in a European company after your studies? The Bachelor International Business allows you to realize your wish. This type of professional training is offered by business and management schools, such as ESCE. The BIB is awarded a Bac +3, and allows the student to start a professional career abroad. The entire curriculum is in English! Let’s discover together the important points of the Bachelor international business.

What is a Bachelor’s degree in International Business ?

The Bachelor of International Business, or BIB, is a professional training in the global economic environment. The program is offered by the grandes écoles and universities for students who dream of working abroad. The training can be accessed after the Bac, a DUT or a BTS in international trade:

  • The three years of study train students in a specialization in international trade and business;
  • The 3rd year in BIB is entirely in English, especially the classical subjects, such as marketing, accounting and management;
  • Depending on the student’s degree level, the program can be taken in1st,2nd and3rd year in English or French. At the end of the studies, this training is sanctioned by a Bac+ 3 ;
  • Once you have completed the Bachelor International Business program, you will be an expert in international business. The diploma allows you to take up a position in a European and international company.

The goal of the BIB apprenticeship is to enable students to meet the challenges of today’s marketplace upon graduation.

How long does a Bachelor’s degree in International Business last?

The Bachelor international Business is a training sanctioned by a bac + 3 in international trade:

  • if you are a bachelor, the BIB program lasts 3 years;
  • if you want to enter the program in the second year, the duration is only 2 years including 8 to 9 months of professional internship;
  • If you enter the BIB after a DUT or a BTS, the curriculum lasts one year longer with the months of internships.

Please note that the Bachelor International Business program requires 180 ECTS credits and a good level of English.

Who is the Bachelor International Business for ?

The major business and management schools dedicate this curriculum to all students who are considering a global career in international business.

  • The Bachelor’s International Business program is open to students who have completed a baccalaureate or one or two years of higher education;
  • It should also be noted that the program can be entered in thesecond year or after a BTS or DUT.

The apprenticeship aims to train students to integrate today’s global economic environment.

What is the program of a Bachelor’s degree in International Business?

The BIB training program is composed of fundamental management courses and soft skills development. In order to facilitate the understanding of the global economic universe, the curriculum is a clever mix of theoretical and applied courses.

Is it possible to do a Bachelor’s degree in International Business at ESCE ?

Yes,ESCE offers a Bachelor’s degree in International Business among its programs. Students can enter the program with a Bac or Bac + 2, a DUT or a BTS in international trade, and an excellent level of English.

  • The institution offers students an international business education related to European economic policies and new customs agreements;
  • ESCE invites students to develop specific skills to match the strategic visions of companies.

After completing a BIB program at ESCE, graduates can consider careers in multinational companies or in import and export departments.

Can I study abroad during my Bachelor’s degree in International Business ?

At ESCE, the international dimension plays a central role in the programs, particularly for the International Bachelor’s degree. During the second year, students can continue their studies abroad, in London or Barcelona. He can start both semesters or just one in these two major European cities.

In the third year of the BIB program, there is an opportunity to take two months of training in San Francisco followed by three months of internship.

Finally, note that ESCE places great emphasis on foreign languages. You will be able to learn two languages during your course of study, one of which will be online.

Updated 24 April 2023