How to go abroad during your Bachelor International Business ?

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You have just graduated from high school and you dream of studying abroad? The Bachelor International business program is for you. The International Bachelor’s program consists of learning about today’s global business environment. During their studies, students have the opportunity to go abroad for semesters or internships. They can therefore apply their skills on an international scale.

Is it possible to go abroad during the Bachelor International Business program ?

The answer to this question is yes! During the 3 years of training, the Bachelor International Business allows students to go abroad.

This is the #1 argument for new bachelor’s students to choose the program. Indeed, this type of program offers an international opportunity during the internship periods, for one or two semesters depending on the institution and the student’s specialization.

You should know that the main reason students are motivated is to have a world-class learning experience. An opportunity to discover other countries and cultures.

The grandes écoles offer an internship abroadfor a semester as early as the first year. International learning continues in thesecond year and is more in-depth in thethird year. Depending on the companies and schools that partner with the institution, students can continue their studies in other countries and open up to other horizons.

The goal of the 3-year study abroad program is to gain insight into the global business environment. This is why a large part of the courses and materials are in English.

Why go abroad during your Bachelor International Business ?

It is important to know that the Bachelor International Business program lasts 3 years. During the course of the training, the student alternates courses and internships each semester.

This professional training consists of meeting the needs of companies on a global scale. The teaching is focused on the employability of the learner according to the current market context. Hence the importance of an internship abroad during the curriculum.

Going abroad allows the student to discover the global state of their specialization. This encourages cultural exchanges and know-how. This is an important point to awaken the ability to adapt and the sense of initiative. On the one hand, learners can accumulate skills that are competitive in the world of work after their studies.

It is a great way to learn about other cultures and languages. Some courses can be taught in English.

How to find an internship abroad during your Bachelor International Business ?

In most cases, the major schools , which have an international reputation, collaborate with partner companies around the world. It is the institution that suggests to the student the country and the company that correspond to his/her specialization.

From thefirst year, students can do an internship abroad for one semester. In thesecond year, most institutions require students to spend a semester abroad. Similarly, for the3rd year, it is at this level that the student chooses his professional specialization.

Indeed, internships abroad are integrated into the program from the1st year onwards. By choosing the Bachelor International Business program, the student is obliged to go abroad to complete his courses.

The internship is carried out in the numerous partner companies of the institution around the world.

How to go abroad during the ESCE Bachelor International Business program ?

The ESCE School of Business and Management offers new baccalaureate graduates the International Bachelor’s program, with a third-year specialization in International Business.

In order for students to acquire the necessary skills for the international market, learning can be in English during the first year. The school offers students the opportunity to study abroad from thesecond year onwards. The learner has 2 choices:

  • 1 semester in London or Barcelona
  • 2 semesters in London.

In thethird year, students have the opportunity to complete a two-month seminar in San Francisco. This option is dedicated to those who have chosen the classical training, and not in alternation.

What place is given to foreign languages in ESCE’s Bachelor International Business program ?

Language skills are essential in ESCE’s International Bachelor’s program.

Many courses are taught in English, which allows students to understand the world of business and the international market.

During the 3-year training, learners are required to learn 2 foreign languages. Once in the3rd year, it is possible tostudy a 3e language online.

Given the importance of mastering English and other languages in the professional world, ESCE ensures that students have the skills required in the workplace.

Updated 24 April 2023