How to find a company for a work-study master?

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You are preparing your master’s degree and you want to join a work-study program? It is important to prepare in advance. To help you, we are going to give you some tips on how to find a company to do a work-study master’s degree, how to choose one, and how to be the right candidate.

How can I find a company to do a work-study master’s degree?

You don’t know how to find a company to do your Master’s degree in work-study? The best way to succeed is to find the right company in advance. Having a work-study contract can be an asset when applying for a master’s degree.

Here are the important points to consider in order to successfully find a company for your work-study master’s degree:

  • List the companies and sectors that correspond to your specialization. So, target the positions and organizations that will complement your apprenticeship and your future career;
  • Start your search early enough to get a work-study program, you will get good points with the admissions committee;
  • To analyze and study the job market, you must not be satisfied with the offers on the Internet. It is necessary to go in search of information on the sector and the positions not disclosed to the general public;
  • Use the new web media to better inform yourself, such as social networks, forums or online recruitment;
  • optimize your application and prepare for possible interviews. To do this, you must take care of your CV and cover letter.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the steps you need to take to get a work-study contract.

How to choose a company for a work-study master?

Before sending your application to all the companies that interest you, it is crucial to define your professional ambition:

  • Finding a corporate contract is the same as finding your first job. To do this, you must determine your professional project in order to target the sector, the activity, the positions and the companies;
  • You should also know that the work experience you will undertake can be a springboard for your future career;
  • By taking stock of your professional project, you save time in your search while avoiding sending unsuitable applications.

Indeed, your application must meet the internal needs of the company in order to attract the recruiter.

On the one hand, you have to choose the companies that correspond to your values and commitments. This point increases motivation and helps to align oneself with one’s own values. On the other hand, it is advisable to seek out large companies, as they offer more opportunities for a work-study program.

When should I start looking for a company for my work-study program?

If your training in 1st cycle was not a sandwich course, be aware that you need to prepare a few months in advance to provide a good application.

In fact, it is more advantageous for the student to look for a host company 6 to 9 months in advance. By doing so, you are sure to find the position, the sector and the company that suits your professional project.

Taking the time to prepare your application increases your chances of success at the selection stage.

For a work-study master’s degree, you need to take time to define the sector, the position and the company to contact. Since this is the final stretch to enter the professional world, it is prudent to prepare your application in advance.

How to apply efficiently to find a company in a work-study program?

In order to seduce the recruiter of the company you are applying to, there are certain points that must be emphasized, such as your CV, the interview or the cover letter.

How to prepare your application to be accepted for a work-study program?

In addition to your diplomas and your professional project, a good application starts with a good CV and an excellent cover letter.

Also, make sure to improve your profile on social networks, ask for advice from a relative or an expert in digital communication.

These are the 3 supports that reflect your person before the motivation interview.

How to prepare for interviews?

For the work-study master’s motivational interview , the student must prepare the following points:

  • learn about the school, training, associations and specialization;
  • take care of your presentation and your elocution ;
  • accentuate his extracurricular activities and hobbies;
  • pay attention to his non-verbal communication.

How can ESCE help me if I can’t find a company for my work-study Master’s degree?

If you are considering joining ESCE for a work-study master’s degree, the school has a platform to help you.

Among these tools, there is the ESCE Career Center. This platform helps students during their integration into the workplace. There are workshops, forums and events for writing a CV, a cover letter and preparing for an interview.

Apprenticeships are also possible in the 3rd, 4th and 5th years of the Grande Ecole program and in the 3rd year of the International Bachelor’s program

Updated 20 April 2023