Does a Bachelor’s degree cost money?

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Are you interested in international careers? That’s why you want to enter a business school specialized in this field by enrolling in a Bachelor’s degree? Does a Bachelor’s degree cost money? We bring you the answer in this article

In summary:

  • The Bachelor’s degree is normally always paid for in a large business school.
  • Fees vary depending on the business school in question.
  • You can finance your Bachelor’s degree by opting for a work-study program.
  • Scholarships are a good alternative to reduce costs.

Do I have to pay to register for a Bachelor’s degree?

Are you considering a career in the international field and want to join a business school for your Bachelor’s degree? You normally have to go through an admission process before you can register. All of these steps are usually paid for in large schools.

First, you may have to pass a competitive exam and/or a test. These are usually fee-based and the amount varies depending on the school. Other conditions are required. For example, you must have validated the level before the one you want to enter.

Since the Bachelor’s degree takes 3 years to complete, the competition and registration fees tend to increase according to the level. Many business schools specializing in international careers actually allow you to do a Bachelor’s degree without going through the first year. You can go directly to thesecond year if you have already completed a first year of higher education.

If you pass the various tests that the school of your choice requires you to take, all that remains is to register. Again, you must pay a registration fee. However, there are several ways to reduce these costs and finance your studies throughout your Bachelor’s degree.

How to finance your Bachelor’s degree at ESCE ?

If you know how to do it, it is possible to finance your Bachelor’s degree in different ways. This is an opportunity offered byESCE, a business school specialized in international careers. Visit the site to discover all the available aids and, thus, reduce your costs for a Bachelor’s degree.

You only need to meet the eligibility criteria to receive certain grants and scholarships. This is what allows many ESCE students to finance their Bachelor’s studies. Here are some of the grants and scholarships that ESCE offers:

  • a discount on tuition fees if you meet the Crous eligibility criteria. Unfortunately, state scholarships are not available if you want to join the International Bachelor Program;
  • Excellence and merit scholarships that allow you to have a reduction on the cost of the training if you have an excellent level;
  • housing subsidies to cover a significant portion of your rent while in school;
  • comprehensive care for students with disabilities.

To find out about all the options available to you, you can also go directly to the FAQ section.

How can I finance my Bachelor’s degree with work-study programs ?

There is also an interesting alternative if youwant to obtain financing for your Bachelor’s degree oriented in international careers. This is the alternation. It is a learning method that allows you to acquire important theoretical knowledge while doing practical work in a company.

By choosing to do your Bachelor’s degree in a work-study program, you can switch from being a student to being an employee. However, your contract with the company allows you to attend all of your classes as part of your training to obtain your degree. But still, you receive a salary from the company and the company can finance your studies.

At ESCE, you can opt for a work-study program in the3rd year, i.e. during the last year of your Bachelor’s degree. As the school works in partnership with many companies, you can also easily find the one in which you want to do your work-study.

Which Bachelor’s degree can be chosen at ESCE ?

There are many programs available at ESCE to do your Bachelor’s degree. The point is only to choose the best option for you to achieve your academic and professional goals.

Your first two years of the Bachelor’s program are normally spent acquiring generalized knowledge of a field. During your final year, you will be asked to choose a specialization from among the following five:

Marketing & Business Development, which you can study as a work-study program.

Updated 20 April 2023