What is the salary for a Bachelor’s degree in work-study ?

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Do you want to study business at a specialized school and have the ambition to work in the international field? You want to do a Bachelor’s degree and are looking for an efficient way to finance it? Alternation is an excellent alternative. But how much do you get paid for a Bachelor’s degree in work-study?

In summary:

For a Bachelor’s degree :

  • Students can sign an apprenticeship or professionalization contract.
  • Thework-study program covers a large part of the training costs.
  • Apprenticeship allows you to be directly operational at the end of your training.
  • Thework-study program gives you the opportunity to gain experience and professional skills more quickly.

What is the salary of a student during his Bachelor’s degree in alternation ?

First of all, it should be remembered that the Bachelor’s degree is a short three-year course leading to an RNCP title. The students who opt for this training are relatively young. They may or may not consider continuing their studies at the end of this first cycle.

That said, if 2 types of contracts are offered forwork-study programs, apprenticeship generally wins out over professionalization. This is mainly due to the fact that the former is more suitable for students under the age of 26, which is generally the case for Bachelor’s students.

In fact, many business schools specializing in international careers exclusively offer apprenticeships for Bachelor’s students who opt for awork-study program. Since fees are relatively low during the Bachelor’s degree compared to the Master’s degree, students can afford to earn a lower salary.

The remuneration offered for apprenticeship is actually lower than that offered for professionalization. As a general rule, it corresponds to 27% of the SMIC if you are under 18, 43% of the SMIC if you are between 18 and 20, and 53% of the SMIC if you are between 21 and 25.

What are the advantages of a work-study program for a Bachelor student?

As a student, doing a Bachelor’s degree in alternation can be very advantageous for you. This can indeed be your assurance that you will finish your training in good shape.

  • Thework-study program allows you to acquire professional skills outside of your classroom hours;
  • it gives you the opportunity to apply in a company what you learn during the theoretical courses;
  • Thework-study program can also give you access to a first job if you plan to work directly after the Bachelor’s degree;
  • it allows you to receive a regular salary and thus to finance all or part of your training;
  • Thework-study program is specially designed to make you operational at the end of your training.

What types of contracts are possible for a Bachelor’s degree in work-study ?

Generally, when we talk aboutwork-study, you have the choice between 2 contracts. This is the apprenticeship and professionalization program.

The apprenticeship contract

The apprenticeship contract is more relevant to Bachelor’s students since it is normally reserved for those under 26 years of age. This type ofwork-study contract means a lower salary than the one offered in professionalization, but also fewer hours in the company, because apprenticeship gives more importance to training and practice without neglecting the latter.

The professionalization contract

It is also possible to opt for a professionalization contract as part of a sandwich course for a Bachelor’s degree. It is more professional and is better paid, but involves many more hours in the company. This is to make you even more operational and able to hold a position at the end of your training.

Thus, the professionalization contract is best suited to Bachelor’s students who plan to enter the work world directly at the end of their training. However, it is still possible for you to continue your studies later if you feel the need.

In which sectors can I do a work-study program during my Bachelor’s degree ?

In general, business schools specializing in international careers such as ESCE have partnerships with various companies. This is to make it easier for you to find an internship and/or a work-study program. It should also be remembered thatwork-study programs are sometimes available only for certain sectors.

At ESCE, you can choose to do a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Development, a specialization available in alternating years. The proposed contract is an apprenticeship. For more information about your options, go to the school’s website and its FAQ section.

Updated 20 April 2023