What training after a Bachelor’s degree in management ?

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Once you have obtained your bachelor’s degree in management , several options are open to you: enter the working world immediately or continue your studies for a bachelor’s degree. If you have chosen this second option, many training courses are open to you. You can start a classical master, an MSc or an MBA. To help you, here are the courses to do after a bachelor in management.

What training should I follow after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in management?

Although students can enter the professional world after a bachelor’s degree in management, they can also continue their studies. Indeed, Bachelor’s graduates can enter a higher level program to obtain a Bachelor’s degree.

To do this, the student may integrate:

  • a PGE Grande Ecole program;
  • a Master’s degree in international management;
  • a Master of Science, MSc in International Management;
  • an MBA, Master in Business Administration.

After obtaining a diploma at the level of Bac + 5, students can aspire to positions of responsibility within large companies.

During the3rd cycle, they can customize their master’s degree courses from a wide choice of specializations, such as:

  • Finance management control ;
  • international management ;
  • international management Business ;
  • Commercial strategy and management of large-scale consumption;
  • human resources management ;
  • corporate finance and auditing.

Most of these courses allow students to project themselves into an international career. The MSc, for example, offers courses in English during the 2 years of training.

Why do a training after a Bachelor in management ?

Upon graduation from the Bachelor of Management program, students are equipped with the skills they need for the workplace. However, if they consider a position of responsibility in a large company, they are forced to continue their studies.

By continuing the post-graduate program to obtain a Bac+5, Bachelor’s graduates can focus their learning on a particular specialization. Thus, one can acquire new skills by choosing a specialization in order to refine one’s knowledge.

It is an opportunity tolearn a better work methodology and to deepen one’s skills in a specific field.

In these cases, continuing your education after a bachelor’s degree is an excellent stepping stone to a more important position in a company.

Is it possible to work directly after a Bachelor in management ?

Although most students continue their studies after the Bachelor’s degree, it is possible to enter the job market directly.

After a 3-year management training program, students are ready to work in a company. This is the objective of the Bachelor’s program: to train young graduates who correspond to the current needs of companies.

Thanks to a concrete and comprehensive learning process, bachelor’s degree graduates are multi-functional young workers. This is why they attract the attention of recruiters, whether in the field of banking, insurance, but also in trade.

In most cases, these young graduates hold middle management positions, such as account managers, sales representatives or management assistants.

Training after a Bachelor’s degree in management: what is the difference between an MSc and an MBA?

After a Bachelor’s degree in management, students have the choice between a PGE in the same school or joining an MSc or MBA.

The Master of Science, MSc is conducted in English for a high level of professional specialized training on an international scale. The MSc degree is a five-year degree and is very popular with foreign students. The program allows for an international career and is open to different fields and specializations. To enter an MSc in management schools, a 3 or 4 year degree is necessary.

The MBA or Master in Business Administration is a training in business administration. Being a high-level international degree, the MBA provides learners with the essential knowledge to manage business on a global scale.

The difference between an MBA and an MSc is the admission criteria and the candidates targeted by the program. The MBA is especially dedicated to professionals, executives who wish to update and accelerate their managerial skills.

Which course to take at ESCE after a Bachelor’s degree in management?

In our business school, ESCE, graduates of the Bachelor of Management program can continue their studies via 3 grandes écoles programs.

To target a degree at the Bac + 5 level, students can choose between the :

Updated 24 April 2023