How much does it cost to register for the Sesame exam?

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The Sesame competitive exam is a reference for students wishing to follow a career in international trade. This post-baccalaureate competition was created in 1992 and has already seen more than 150,000 candidates to date. It is a single day of events for 17 different programs. It is very popular with young people with a bachelor’s degree.

How much does it cost to register for the Sesame exam?

The registration fee for the Sesame exam is 295 euros for this school year. This price includes access to all the training programs it has to offer. It is important to inquire directly on the Sesame services platform to avoid finding the wrong information.

The competition accepts program changes and deletions on your application. However, this must be done before the close of registration which is usually in mid-March.

Is the price of the Sésame exam different if I apply to several courses or schools at the same time?

The registration fee is the same regardless of the number of schools you wish to apply to. Whether you apply for one school or for several, you will pay the same amount of 295 Euros. The SESAME competitive entrance exam allows you to enter 14 international business schools with 17 possible courses. You can take 8 different degree courses and 9 master’s degree courses.

Is it possible to benefit from a discount on the registration fee for the Sésame exam?

Depending on your student profile, it is possible to obtain a certain discount on the registration fee. For example, applicants on state scholarships in the year of the competition can receive a 50% discount. In some cases, they also have the possibility of obtaining reimbursement of expenses.

When you register on the Parcoursup platform, you are required to indicate that you are a scholarship holder. You must present the supporting documents according to your status:

  • for high school students in their final year of high school : this is a national scholarship for the second level. You must show your notification of award, renewal or grant for the school year. This can be a certificate of award less than 3 months old;
  • for students in higher education: you need a certificate of final award for your academic year. It is issued by the CROUS or the regional centers for university and school works.

These documents can be presented to Sesame until the end of the registration process on the platforms. It is important to note that conditional or provisional award certificates are not accepted in the competition. This is also the case for the post-submission of a proof of scholarship for the current year.

When do I have to pay the registration fees for the Sesame exam?

The registration fee for the Sesame exam must be paid upon registration. This is done by credit card on the Parcoursup platform. SESAME requires payment of the registration fee prior to confirmation of your wish. If you have taken the SESAME preparatory course and paid 100 euros in fees, these will be reimbursed to your credit card or can be used directly to pay the registration fees.

Each candidate must pay the registration fee in order to take the tests. Full payment of the fees is synonymous with final registration for the competition.

In case of withdrawal, you must send a letter or an e-mail before the deadline to validate your wishes. If you meet these conditions, you will be reimbursed for your expenses within 30 days of the closing date of your application. However, it must be confirmed by your absence from the written tests.

In case of withdrawal sent and received after the deadline, all fees will be retained by SESAME. Only cases of force majeure are reimbursed. It is essential to send the supporting documents no later than 1 week after the written competition . Find out more about these exceptional situations on the competition website. If the document received exceeds the legal deadline, SESAME automatically keeps 100 euros of the fee. This is the file management fee.

What are the admission requirements for the Sésame exam?

To register for the SESAME competition, you must hold or be a future holder of a baccalaureate diploma. This can be a French diploma or an international equivalent. The competition accepts all specialties. Final admission to the SESAME competition is granted after the baccalaureate. If the candidate fails the exam, he/she will be denied access to the competition. It is not possible to apply to multiple admission tracks. Only one track per program or per institution is accepted.

For candidates who need test accommodations, a medical opinion must be sent. It is advisable to provide it one month before the written test of the competition. It is issued by :

  • the departmental house for the disabled or MDPH;
  • the Commission for the Rights and Autonomy of Disabled Persons or CDAPH.

Depending on the school and the program chosen, participation in the tests may be limited. Some institutions allow multiple attempts at the tests. ESCE limits the presentation to a maximum of 2 times. It is a major international business school. The integration to this school facilitates your insertion in the world of work. It works closely with large and small companies.

Updated 21 April 2023