What are the conditions for reimbursement of registration fees for the Sésame exam?

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The Sesame competitive exam is a reference for students wishing to enter an international business school. Successful completion of this competitive examination will allow you to obtain a place in the best schools, such asESCE. For those who would like to take it, you should know in advance all the important information regarding registration. This includes terms and conditions, fees and charges, and refund options.

What are the registration procedures for the Sesame exam?

Registration for the Sésame competition is open to all students in their final year of high school and those who have completed their baccalaureate. To officially enter the program, you must have a French baccalaureate or equivalent. Without your diploma, your application is automatically rejected.

Apart from that, there are no prerequisites to pass it. This competition is open to people of all ages and nationalities.

According to the business school for which you are applying, you have the possibility of applying 1, 2 or 3 times. In some institutions, the number is unlimited. This gives candidates the chance to better prepare and retry multiple times.

To register, you must go to on Parcoursup and create your pre-registration file. You must choose your test center and the second language for the test. Note that it is also possible to take the exam from home.

Your application is confirmed by the payment of all fees and by the validation of your wishes. The latter is to be done before the end of January. You must also reserve your place on MySesame.

How much does it cost to register for the Sesame exam?

The registration fee for the Sesame exam is 295 Euros. This rate is unique regardless of the conditions and the school you apply to. By paying this amount, you have the opportunity to apply to one or more business schools, depending on your choice.

Payment of the totality of the fees is to be made before the confirmation of the wishes on Parcoursup. Only then will you have a guaranteed place in the competition.

For those who have the foresight, registration at prepaSESAME is recommended. It costs 100 Euros. This service allows you to prepare for the Sesame exam. The platform offers training tools with practical advice on the tests. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This preparation helps you to succeed in the competition and to stand out. It is important to know that the amount is refunded when the competition fees are paid.

When and how do I pay for the Sésame exam?

The registration fee for the Sésame exam must be paid before confirming your wishes on Parcoursup. This is towards the end of January. Nevertheless, we recommend that you finalize your registration as soon as possible. Places are in high demand, while there are a limited number of accepted applications.

The payment of 295 euros is made only by credit card on the registration platform. You must provide your bank account number so that the bank can make the debit. You don’t have to worry. On the official website, everything is fully secured. Your banking data is well protected.

How can I get a refund of my registration fees for the Sesame exam?

In case of withdrawal, you can obtain a refund of the fees under certain conditions. The first thing to do is to send an e-mail or a registered letter to cancel your application to Sesame. However, it is absolutely necessary to do so before the deadline for validating your wishes.

If this condition is met, the full fee will be refunded within 30 days after confirmation of the vows. The candidate must be absent from the tests to reinforce the withdrawal. All reimbursements are made to the RIB provided by the applicant.

If the deadline has passed, the full registration fee is retained by SESAME. There is an exception in case of force majeure. We are talking about a legitimate and justified excuse. The receipt must be issued no later than one week after the date scheduled for the written tests. However, if the 14 day period to retract, 100 Euros are automatically deducted as a handling fee.

For candidates with a scholarship, it is possible to have a 50% discount on the competition fees. This is valid for a scholarship for the school year or the academic year. They can also enjoy full reimbursement if they are integrated. In order to have this chance, you must indicate your situation at the time of registration with supporting documents. These are:

  • notification of award or renewal for applicants in the senior class. They may also present the certificate of award. It must be less than 3 months old;
  • the certificate of final award of scholarship for applicants in higher education. It is issued by the Crous.

Please be aware that provisional or conditional award certificates are not accepted. In these cases, reimbursement is not possible.

Is it possible to obtain a refund of the registration fees for prepaSESAME, the platform dedicated to the preparation of the Sésame competitive examination?

The registration fee for prepaSESAME is 100 euros to be paid in one go on the platform. They are refundable only if you register for the Sesame competition. Refunds are made at the time of registration and payment of fees. They are deducted from the competition fee of 295 euros. For candidates who withdraw from the competition, reimbursement is not available. The same goes for students who disrespect the staff and are definitely excluded.

Updated 20 April 2023