How to apply for a Bachelor in Marketing ?

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ESCE’s Bachelor’s in Marketing is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the field of marketing. Not surprisingly, the program requires a high level of professionalism and experience.

How to apply for a Bachelor in Marketing ?

There are several ways to apply depending on your profile. If you have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, you can apply directly to a bachelor’s degree in marketing through traditional application.

Classic applications are usually opened in December of the previous year. If you are applying in the 2nd or 3rd year, you can apply for parallel admission. Parallel admission is open all year round.

Many people are interested in earning a bachelor’s degree in marketing. The best way to find out if this program is for you is to attend an open house at a business school likeESCE. This event will allow you to meet the program directors and/or students. You will be able to discuss the content of the training or its opportunities.

What are the admission requirements for a Bachelor’s degree in marketing?

To be eligible for a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, applicants must first meet the generaladmission requirementsof their chosen institution. This usually includes possession of a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as the results of required standardized tests. In addition, most programs will require applicants to participate in an interview as part of the admission process.

Once the general admission requirements have been met, applicants must then meet the specific requirements of the marketing program for which they are applying. These requirements vary by school, but may include courses in areas such as business, economics, communication and statistics.

What are the prerequisites for the ESCE Bachelor in Marketing?

To be eligible to study marketing at ESCE, candidates must hold a French baccalaureate or equivalent. You must have a good level of English. Candidates are also required to pass a motivation and personality interview

H2: What documents do I need to apply for a Bachelor in Marketing?

To apply for a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, you must provide a number of documents. The file must include a copy of the bachelor’s degree or equivalent. The applicant must also submit a copy of transcripts. A letter of motivation and a detailed CV are part of the required documents. The application fee must also be included in the file.

Are there any admission tests for a Bachelor in Marketing at ESCE?

At ESCE, candidates for the Bachelor’s degree do not have to take any admission tests. However, an evaluation of the application file and a motivation interview are set up. It is possible to apply for a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at ESCE at different times during your studies:

  • after your baccalaureate for entry into the first year;
  • after a baccalaureate +1 for entry into the second year;
  • after a baccalaureate +2 for entry into the third year.

Is it possible to do a staggered start to the Bachelor of Marketing program at ESCE?

It is entirely possible to apply for a delayed start to the ESCE bachelor program.

The International bachelor’s degree is a three-year program accessible after the baccalauréat. Students will take theoretical and practical courses that will enable them to acquire the skills necessary for their future profession. Thanks to a staggered start to the academic year, you can access the third year of ESCE’s International Bachelor program. This gives you the opportunity to benefit from high-level coaching without losing a year.

Updated 9 February 2024