Why do a master’s degree in business engineering?

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The master’s degree in business engineering opens the doors to major responsibilities in the business world. It is a reputed and recognized diploma, delivered by the grandes écoles, and sanctioning a Bac + 5. In this regard, ESCE offers this training to students with a Bac + 4.

What are the advantages of a master’s degree in business engineering?

As a multi-faceted salesperson, a business engineer is involved inmore complex sales than a simple salesperson. Fully attentive to his interlocutors, curious and organized, he knows how to find profitable commercial agreements for his company and his clients. In search of new prospects, he identifies their needs to convert them into customers.

Thus, having a master’s degree in business engineering gives the opportunity to develop highly sought-after skills. It offers good prospects for development, both professionally and in terms of salary. It opens the door to a variety of missions with great responsibilities. Most of them focus on selling, so that they have an overview of the sales process and can always play an active role.

How can a master’s degree in business engineering improve business management skills and knowledge?

The role of a business engineer is to analyze the needs of a client. Then, he proposes appropriate and tailor-made solutions to his projects, taking into account his issues and challenges.

Also, a master’s degree in business engineering aims to train future independent business engineers. In this regard, universities provide courses, so that, after the training, graduates are able to ensure :

  • steering the sales process;
  • customer satisfaction;
  • management of all types of files, even the most difficult ones;
  • the development of a client portfolio;
  • the proposal of an appropriate commercial strategy for each client;
  • management and team leadership.

What career opportunities are open to graduates of a Master’s degree in Business Engineering?

A master’s degree in business engineering allows you to practice multiple professions, including:

  • a business engineer: he/she analyzes the needs of a client to propose appropriate solutions. When these are validated, he pilots the project, ensuring that deadlines, quality and costs are respected;
  • a business developer: his objective is to develop the turnover of a company in a sustainable way. It offers solutions based on both B to B and B to C;
  • an export salesman: as a real expert, he travels the world in order to sign new contracts. His role is to develop the market share of the company that employs him on an international scale;
  • a sales engineer: his mission is to prospect for new customers in order to increase his company’s turnover;
  • a key account manager: under the authority of a sales manager or a key account manager, he/she manages a portfolio of key accounts, i.e. customers with actual or potentially significant sales.

How can a master’s degree in business engineering help develop a career in the fields of business management and business strategy?

The business engineering specialization provides commercial expertise in the sale of solutions to companies as well as a strategic vision of business development. As an essential link between the company and the customer, a few missions are entrusted to a business manager:

  • it responds to calls for tender;
  • he is looking for new clients;
  • it analyzes the needs and expectations of the customers;
  • he negotiates with the client;
  • He writes commercial offers and contracts;
  • He manages, follows and coordinates projects after validation by the client;
  • He analyzes the projects after execution, to always optimize their success;
  • He coordinates the technical studies and finds the service providers for the project;
  • It builds loyalty with existing customers.

Why do a Master’s degree in Business Engineering at ESCE?

ESCE or École Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur, is a grande école that specializes in business engineering. We train a business engineer who aims to improve the sales and profitability of a company. Thus, our training allows students to:

  • make a diagnosis ;
  • establish an action plan;
  • determine and define the strategy ;
  • managing and leading change;
  • managing a multicultural team;
  • master the method and tools of project management.

The key to this is the definition and implementation of a commercial strategy. There is also the elaboration of customized offers and the management of tenders. Not to mention the prospecting and development of new international markets. Finally, there is the management and animation of the commercial relationship.

Updated 21 April 2023