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Looking for an internship to complete your career and dive into the world of import-export? Before submitting your application, find out what options are available to you. Follow these tips to increase your chances of landing the internship you want.

What does an internship in import-export consist of?

An internship in business is an opportunity to immerse yourself in companies operating in your field of study. This is a period during which you can apply the notions acquired in class, within a real professional environment. The activities during an import-export internship depend on your job description and your level. However, the assignments vary, such as:

  • Administrative management, including the preparation of sales files;
  • management of the relationship with customers, suppliers and carriers;
  • follow-up of exchanges ;
  • the development of new offers and services;
  • developing a strategy to improve the work.

In addition to new experiences,an internship in the import-export business allows you to develop professional relationships as well as cross-disciplinary skills. Indeed, the notions of organization and relational can be acquired during an internship.

What is the difference between a short internship and a long internship in the import-export business?

The difference between these two types of internships is obviously the duration. A short internship is generally limited to 2 or even 4 months at the most. A long-term internship can last up to 6 months. These differences are then complemented by other points, namely:

  • the period in which they are carried out, knowing that a short internship is carried out during the first years of study. In addition, a long-term internship is required to finalize the student’s course. It is therefore carried out around the third and fifth year;
  • the context in which they are carried out: the short internship generally serves as a process of immersion in a professional environment, unlike the long internship, which offers a real experience. In fact, it is common for a long-term internship to lead to an employment contract;
  • remuneration : if the student completes an internship lasting more than two consecutive months, he or she must receive a bonus. Long internships therefore offer the certainty of being paid.

Is it better to do an import-export internship in France or abroad?

The internship, whether it is done in France or abroad, has as many advantages. However, the second option offers more opportunities. In addition to professional immersion, an internship abroad is an opportunity to practice other languages. This experience also represents an added value in your CV, as it demonstrates your adaptability. On a personal level, this is an opportunity to develop relationships and expand your horizons.

How to find an internship in the import-export sector?

To find an internship in import-export, it is first necessary to define your expectations and to inform yourself.

Think about your professional project and the type of company where you want to do your import-export internship

The professional project is the goal you wish to achieve. Once it is defined, you will be able to more easily direct your research. Choose the sector of activity and the size of the company according to your professional ambitions.

Applying for an internship in an SME generally allows you to be better supervised, knowing that it is on a human scale. You will also have the opportunity to have more responsibilities. In fact, interns allow us to have an additional employee.

Immersion in a large group is also a way to gain experience, due to the importance of the company’s activities. In addition, including a reputable company on your resume represents a considerable added value.

Find the right position for an internship in import-export

To make your search easier, define the skills you have or want to develop. The position must obviously correspond to your academic background. In particular, it is possible to apply for an internship as :

  • commercial, whose role is to conduct negotiations and to carry out both purchases and sales;
  • logistician, in charge of issuing purchase orders, sales contracts and authorization requests for certain goods.
  • support function, within the HR, IT or legal departments.

How to maximize your chances of getting an internship in import-export?

Like any position, an import-export internship application requires good preparation.

Take care of your application to attract the attention of recruiters

Whether you are responding to an advertisement or making an unsolicited application, be sure to find out about the companies you are applying to. Also, personalize your resume and cover letter. The principle is to highlight your qualities and demonstrate your interest in the field. Be aware that in addition to the file you send, it is common for companies to do their own survey via your social networks. It is therefore necessary to convey a good image.

Prepare for the motivation interview to find your internship in import-export

The questions duringan interview generally concern your professional aspirations and the added value you can bring to the company. Also, take care of your image by wearing the right outfit.

Consult the import-export internship offers proposed by the Career Center of your school

Your school’s career center is full of information about the different types of internships and fields available. It may also contain some offers that you can apply for directly.

On which platforms should I look for an internship in import-export?

As mentioned earlier, your school’s career center is the primary search platform. However, there are other sites that allow you to find the internship that suits you, such as :

Updated 17 April 2023