Why do a Bachelor International Business ?

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More and more business school students are considering an international career. The Bachelor international business program offers new graduates this opportunity. The curriculum focuses on learning about the global economic environment, an excellent opportunity to open up to the international job market. We will explain why you should do a Bachelor’s degree in International Business.

Why do you want to do a Bachelor International Business ?

In view of the changing global economic environment, the job market and vocational training must adapt.

The Bachelor International Business program allows students to adapt to this demand. Apprenticeship allows new baccalaureate graduates to acquire the necessary skills and to be operational in a company. In just 3 years, students alternate courses and internships to specialize in international business and commerce.

Since the Bachelor’s program is open to the whole world, the student follows part of his training abroad, outside of France. At ESCE, all internships can be done abroad.

In addition, the Bachelor international business is a 3-year post-bac training. The program is sanctioned by a Bac + 3. It is the shortest route for a student to enter the world of work and consider an international career.

What does a Bachelor International Business degree consist of ?

The Bachelor International Business is a professional training course leading to a 3-year degree. The apprenticeship aims to train students in the world of international trade and management.

The program allows the learner to learn about the world of international business, according to market movements, geopolitical impacts and new customs agreements. The specialization provides courses adapted to international management with the new tools and sourcing strategies of today.

The goal of the Bachelor’s degree is to train learners in all business disciplines in an intercultural context.

Why do a Bachelor International Business at ESCE ?

Thebusiness school, ESCE, offers an International Bachelor’s program for students who are considering a global career.

In the first year, candidates must have a baccalaureate. To enter the second year, you must have completed a Bac + 1. Finally, for entry into the third year, the student must have completed a Bac + 2 course , such as a DUT or a BTS. The institution provides learning that meets the expectations of the student and the job market.

During the training, courses and internships aim to develop certain specific skills:

  • the implementation of commercial strategy at the international level;
  • study and analyze the evolution of the market and potential markets;
  • Find new markets thanks to new digital tools;
  • Opt for a solution adapted to the customs agreements;
  • guaranteeing prospecting and credit insurance.

ESCE’s International Business program highlights the student’s potential to meet the needs of companies.

What are the opportunities of a Bachelor International Business ?

Upon completion of the course, students obtain a Bac+3 degree in International Business. The apprenticeship enables them to work in a company on a global scale, for example as an export salesman.

The Bachelor’s degree in International Business gives access to a whole range of professional opportunities. The opportunities are oriented in international business, international logistics or the development of an e-business. We can mention :

  • business developer ;
  • international finance consulting ;
  • international strategy consultant ;
  • foreign branch manager ;
  • international development director ;
  • international treasurer.

To carry out their future functions, graduates of the Bachelor’s degree in international business can work in various organizations; multinational companies, exporting SMEs, international firms or work on their own.

Updated 24 April 2023