How can I find out the results of the Sesame exam?

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Taking the SESAME exams is a decisive step for students wishing to enter a business school. Once the tests are over, it’s time to find out the results. How do I find out my results for the Sésame exam? Who to contact? How to decipher the list of students ? We answer these questions that will determine your future.

Sesame exam results: understand the difference between eligibility and admission

What does it mean to be eligible when taking the Sesame exam?

Being eligible is a qualification that means you have passed the first step of the SESAME competition. This is the result of the written tests. It is visible on the mySESAME platform. It is issued a few days after the last written test. You must pass the language, reasoning and skills, literature review and contemporary issues tests.

Once you are declared “eligible”, you can continue your SESAME exam by taking the oral exams. These are specific to each school. You must contact the institution for information on preparation.

What is the admission to the Sesame exam?

To take the SESAME competition, it is important to meet the service’s admission criteria. The competition is dedicated to students who have or will have a bachelor’s degree. This can be a French diploma or an equivalent international diploma. The SESAME competition accepts all age groups and all nationalities.

The final admission to the competition is pronounced only after the result of the bac. If a high school senior fails the baccalaureate exams, his or her admission to the SESAME competition will be cancelled by the school.

If you fail the SESAME exam, you can take it a second time. The submission limit is defined by the business school. Of the 14 institutions, 6 schools accept unlimited submissions and 4 schools allow a maximum of 3 submissions. The other schools, including the ESCE business school, offer only 2 presentations.

How to consult your results for the Sésame exam?

Discover your first results on Parcoursup

The results of the SESAME competition are published on the Parcoursup platform. It is up to the candidates to consult the page to discover the list of admitted candidates. To do this, you must first go to Parcoursup. Then log in to your personal space. You can go directly to the results to discover the first answers. The Parcoursup platform only provides the list of students who have been admitted or failed the competitive exam. Another platform is required to view the grades.

Know your grades by going to mySESAME

To find out your grades for the SESAME exam, you must go to the mySesame platform. Next, you must provide your registration number. It is issued by the SESAME service when you register online. You also need your password. Grades are listed by subject or by test.

Depending on the school and the program chosen, the coefficient of the tests may vary. You can see the rules of the competition to know the coefficients. The eliminatory marks for each test are also explained.

In case you forgot your password, you must send an email to to recover your account. You will receive a response 48 hours after your request so that you can quickly look at the results.

Sesame exam results: what are the different statuses on Parcoursup?

The statuses on Parcoursup are the rankings of the students according to the results. In fact, depending on your grades, you may be admitted, on hold or fail. Students are ranked in order of merit. On the platform, you have the following statuses:

  • Classified” status: this means that you are admitted. You are on the list of students who can enter the school of your choice. In this case, you can accept the proposal and definitely choose your school and program. On the other hand, you can waive the proposals and give up your seat;
  • Unclassified status: this means that you have not been accepted into the selected programs.

If you are on the waiting list, you must wait until a place becomes available to enter a business school. To keep track of your file, we recommend looking at your current position in the list. Each day, the list evolves according to the withdrawals of the classified students.

When can I find out the results of the Sesame exam?

The written tests for the SESAME competition generally begin in mid-April. It takes 4 weeks or one month for the results to be pronounced. That is, the list of ranked students is published in mid-May. This is the first result.

From this date on, the list may evolve according to changes. By mid-June, the list is beginning to be stable. This allows admitted students to prepare for the start of the school year in September.

Are high school grades taken into account for the Sesame exam?

In addition to the grades from the written and oral exams, the SESAME competition also takes into account the results from high school. This is the file note which is composed of the :

  • French baccalaureate early grades ;
  • grades from continuous testing, specialty teachers, and first grade grades for all 3 terms;
  • senior year grades for the first 2 quarters,
  • appreciations of the administration and the main teacher.

If you have a baccalaureate, your grades and your possible mention are taken into consideration.

Updated 21 April 2023