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You have obtained your International Bachelor’s degree at ESCE and have gained confidence in the school’s teaching methods? Do you want to enroll in a master’s degree in finance and pursue a career in this exciting field? Discover in this article the options available to you by choosing to do a master’s in finance at ESCE.

In summary:

  • ESCE’s Master in Finance is not yet offered in Lyon, but you can continue your studies at our Paris campus;
  • ESCE provides you with experienced teachers;
  • The school’s training programs give you access to an international career.

Is it possible to do a master’s degree in finance at ESCE?

If you wish to continue your studies after a bachelor’s degree,ESCE offers you the possibility of doing a master’s degree in finance. Admissions may vary depending on the program you wish to enter. If you wish to enter the 4th year of the Grande École Program, you must pass the Ambitions+ exam and have validated 180 ECTS credits.

However, for admission to the first year of the MSc program, you must have validated 180 ECTS credits and pass an admission interview. This is the difference between an admission on title and a parallel admission.

We offer many specializations available from the first year of the Master’s program. To see all the options available to you, we invite you to visit the ESCE website. For more information, you can also find answers in our FAQ section.

If you have completed your first 3 years of university studies at ESCE in Lyon, you should know that the master’s degree in finance in Lyon is currently unavailable. We suggest that you joinESCE Paris to do your master’s degree in finance and take advantage of the wide range of choices offered.

The quality of teaching is the same and you have at your disposal teachers who are both methodical and experienced. Our campus in Paris also offers an international environment, as ESCE works in partnership with many foreign universities and institutions.

What specializations can be chosen at ESCE for a master’s degree in finance?

As a business school specialized in international careers, ESCE gives you the opportunity to choose between different specializations. Each of these can then naturally open the door to an international career or doors in a large national company. Your choice then depends on your ambitions and professional projects.

Corporate Finance Specialization of the Grande Ecole Program

Among the 3 specializations offered in the Master’s program of the Grande École program, the corporate finance specialization is one of those taught entirely in English. It gives you the opportunity to acquire specific skills in finance while strengthening your language skills.

This specialization focuses on financial decision making. After obtaining your master’s degree in finance, you can easily find a position in a bank, an insurance company or in the finance department of a company. You can then become a financial analyst, account manager or even a financial director.

Financial Markets Specialization of the Grande Ecole Program

If you are meticulous and responsible, you can also turn to our financial markets specialization, still in our Grande Ecole Program. As the teaching is also done in English, you have every chance of working at an international level at the end of your training.

By choosing this specialization, you can become an expert in the development of financial strategies as well as financial intermediation. It can then give you access to many professions including trader, broker, wealth manager or portfolio manager.

Specialization in management control/finance

In our Grande École Program, the Management Control/Finance specialization is the only one offered on a sandwich course. This is an opportunity for you to gain experience as quickly as possible and to become quickly operational at the end of your training. It effectively involves combining theoretical training with practical work experience. You will then have the necessary skills to integrate into the working world.

Does ESCE offer an MSc in Finance?

In order to give you access to an international career, ESCE offers an MSc in Finance. The course is also conducted in English and involves a 6-month internship in France or abroad. With a more international outlook, the training includes a mastery of communication and personal development in addition to the subjects specific to Finance.

Is it possible to do a master’s degree in finance in Lyon?

If you had the opportunity to do your first 3 years in Lyon, it is still impossible to do a Master’s degree in finance in Lyon at ESCE for the moment. The continuation of your studies in our school is only possible in Paris. Moreover, many students who have completed an international bachelor’s degree with a specialization in corporate finance go on to study for a master’s degree in the Grande Ecole program.

This is also an option, as one of the main admission requirements is a Bachelor’s or Bachelor’s degree in a related field.

Updated 17 April 2023