Everything you need to know about the Bachelor of Marketing program: guide, admission, program

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The Bachelor’s degree in Marketing is a degree that will allow you to work in the marketing, sales and business sectors. This degree will also give you skills in communication, management and human resources.

Why opt for a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and how long does it take?

The Bachelor’s degree is a three-year course. During this time, you will study all aspects of marketing, from strategy and communication to sales and business development.

You will be able to implement an effective marketing strategy and develop a company’s products and services. You will also learn how to communicate with customers and run successful advertising campaigns.

The Bachelor’s degree in marketing is therefore an education that will allow you to develop a dynamic and rewarding career in the field of marketing.

What does the ESCE Marketing Bachelor’s degree consist of and what are the courses in this program?

ESCE’s Bachelor of Marketing is a varied course that aims to train you in the skills necessary to excel in the world of marketing. You will study all specializations and techniques related to marketing:

  • market research;
  • communication;
  • advertisement;
  • digital strategy;
  • but also consumer studies.

You will also discover subjects such as international trade, finance and management control. The program also includes in-company sessions to complement your learning and expand your horizons. This will give you the opportunity to compile everything you have learned and apply your acquired skills in a real-life professional setting.

What are the admission criteria for the ESCE Bachelor in Marketing?

ESCE’s Bachelor’s degree in Marketing is accessible after three years of higher education, i.e. a BAC+3. Students must also meet the following admission requirements:

  • be between 18 and 26 years of age;
  • have a B2 level in French.

For the third year, it is necessary to have obtained 120 ECTS credits at Bac+2. As for the second year, 60 ECTS credits at Bac+1 are required. For the first year, you must hold an international diploma or a French baccalaureate.

Exceptional waivers may be granted to students without a Bac+2 who wish to enter the 3ᵉ year of ESCE’s Bachelor in Marketing. If you are interested in this program, visit the school’s website and fill out the application form.

What are the skills developed in the framework of the ESCE Bachelor in Marketing?

ESCE’s Bachelor in Marketing is a comprehensive program. It will provide you with a solid foundation in marketing, entrepreneurship and new technologies. You will develop practical skills in communications, SEO and media planning, promotional strategies and social media management.

You will also be able to touch on topics such as marketing research and quantitative analysis, advertising law, and the advanced stages of digital marketing. Students will also have the chance to learn how to create digital communication plans and monetize digital data. They will be able to generate relevant content for existing customers.

What professions does the Bachelor in Marketing offered by ESCE prepare you for?

The Bachelor’s degree in marketing is a very complete training that offers many opportunities in terms of jobs. You will be trained to develop technical, strategic and organizational skills. You will be able to work on various functions such as digital marketing, brand marketing, CRM, B2B marketing, webmarketing and even consulting.

Graduates will be able to apply for many positions such as digital or branding communication manager or product/service marketing manager. They will have the opportunity to become an e-commerce manager. In addition, students will be offered jobs in a variety of industries such as automotive and consumer goods. They will be able to work in the tourism and recreation industry or in urban and landscape design.

What to do after your Bachelor in marketing ?

There are a variety of options available to graduates. You can continue your education by earning a master’s degree in marketing or a related field. This will open many doors and expand your knowledge base. This degree provides the necessary skills to start your career or move into more senior positions in the field.

You can also enter the industry directly as an executive or junior marketing assistant. It is possible to work with various teams on campaigns, such as editorial or graphic design. You can also try freelancing. This will allow you to use the skills you learned during your degree and adapt them to the needs of clients.

Updated 24 April 2023