What are the possible specializations of a Master’s degree in marketing?

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Specialization is an essential element in any academic program. It allows the student to focus on a particular aspect of a field and to acquire in-depth knowledge of the subject. If you have chosen to do a Master’s degree in Marketing, you will have to choose the subjects you wish to study for your specialization year. So, what can be the specializations of a Master in marketing?

what are the possible specializations of a master in marketing

Doing a master’s degree in marketing is a real opportunity. Thanks to this training, you will be able to refine your knowledge and obtain wide career opportunities in France or abroad. The specializations differ according to the training institutions. Here is a list of specializations that will help you choose your master’s degree course:

  • sales and distribution;
  • advertising;
  • digital marketing;
  • international marketing ;
  • luxury marketing.

What areas of study are included in a Master’s degree in marketing?

The Master in Marketing is a professional training that covers the following 3 areas of study: strategic marketing, service marketing and digital marketing.

As part of a Master’s degree in Marketing, you may be interested in various marketing topics. This can be for example advertising, sales methods or marketing strategy.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of areas of study in a master’s degree in marketing:

  • human resources management ;
  • strategic management ;
  • marketing;
  • finance,
  • project management ;
  • consumer/buyer behavior;
  • market research ;
  • marketing communication;
  • digital marketing…

How can a Master’s in Marketing help students specialize in a specific area of marketing?

Marketing is a very broad field, covering a wide range of areas. More and more graduates are trying to specialize in a specific area of marketing: social media, e-commerce, direct sales, content marketing, and advertising. But how can a Master of Marketing degree help students specialize in a specific area of marketing?

When selectinga specialization, it is important to choose well. This allows you to specialize in a field and learn more about it. For example, you can specialize in a field such as direct sales, digital marketing or luxury marketing.

However, before choosing a specialization, it is important to define your objectives in order to choose a specialization that matches your expectations.

what are the most popular majors for marketing students?

Knowing what area of specialization you feel most comfortable in is a key component to finding a marketing job or defining your career path. The most popular marketing specializations are:

  • content marketing;
  • product development ;
  • direct marketing ;
  • mass marketing;
  • digital marketing ;
  • luxury marketing;
  • marketing communication international.

what are the advantages of choosing a marketing specialization rather than a generalist degree?

If you’ve ever heard of marketing, you’ve probably heard of the difference between degrees and specializations. Generalist degrees focus on marketing as a whole, while specializations focus on a particular area of marketing. There are some advantages to choosing a specialization over a generalist degree:

  • a deeper theory of marketing;
  • broader career opportunities;
  • a better positioning on the job market;
  • a higher salary.

What are the specializations offered in the Master of Marketing program at ESCE?

ESCE offers Masters in Digital Marketing, International Marketing, Communication, Luxury & Prestige and Consumer Marketing. These masters prepare you for an international career.

Specialization Master Communication, Luxury & Prestige Marketing, Grandes Ecoles program

One of the specializations offered in the Master’s degree in marketing is that of luxury marketing. It will allow you to specialize in luxury products such as watches, jewelry or perfumes. This specialization will allow you to promote these products, from their production to their sale. The professions in luxury marketing are varied: event manager, community manager, luxury buyer, collection manager…

Specialization Master Consumer Marketing, top schools program

The Master International Consumer Marketing program gives you an expertise of the Consumer Goods industry thanks to the study of the different Consumer Marketing, Shopper Marketing and Commercial issues.

This Master’s degree also provides you with a broad vision of the issues and players in the consumer goods industry thanks to partnerships with professionals. The opportunities are : Sector Manager, Category Manager, Product Manager / Brand Manager…

International Marketing Specialization, MSC

The MSC specialization allows you to study the mechanisms of an international market. For example, you can take courses on international sales negotiations or merchandising. There are many positions of responsibility: Advertising manager, Global product manager, International sales & marketing manager, International digital marketing manager, Customer relationship manager, Market analyst, Strategy planner…

Updated 24 April 2023