How to get into a Bachelor’s degree in management ?

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The Bachelor’s degree in management is a post-baccalaureate program offered by the grandes écoles and faculties. During the course, the student will acquire the basics of operational management in a company. This is an excellent opportunity to start an international career after the 3 years of study. This training is accessible from the baccalaureate following a competitive examination. To learn more, read our article. We are going to explain to you how to get into a Bachelor in Management.

How do I get into a Bachelor’s degree in management ?

The admission procedure for the first year of a Bachelor’s degree in management requires a baccalaureate. Depending on the institution, it is possible to enter the program with a DUT or BTS for a reorientation in the 3e year.

  • Note that admission is done outside ParcourSup and takes place throughout the year;
  • The admission process is a two-step process. You must first present your motivation file. Once the application has been validated, a motivation interview is required.
  • Once the student has been accepted, he or she can begin the process of enrolling in the program.

How do I apply for a Bachelor’s degree in management ?

Depending on the university or school, the application form to be submitted varies according to the student’s specialization and status, whether French or foreign.

In business and management schools, such asESCE, the application file for a Bachelor’s degree in management must include:

  • a copy of the student’s ID;
  • A copy of the bachelor’s degree or equivalent;
  • A copy of the last 2 years’ transcripts;
  • a CV and a cover letter,

What are the prerequisites for a Bachelor’s degree in management ?

In most colleges and universities, there are prerequisite degrees and credits for admission to a Bachelor’s degree in management:

  • for admission in 1st year, the student must hold a French baccalaureate or an equivalent international diploma if he or she is foreign;
  • to integrate the training in 2e year, it is necessary to validate a Bac + 1 education and to have 60 credits, ECTS;
  • for admission in 3e year, the student must validate a Bac+2, a DUT or a BTS with 120 ECTS credits.

These prerequisites are valid for all students, whether they are French or foreign.

How do I get into a Bachelor’s degree in management at ESCE?

ESCE, a business and management school, offers a Bachelor’s program to French and foreign students.

  • The school has two start dates each year, one in September and a delayed start in January;
  • To integrate a Bachelor’s degree in management, ESCE asks students to provide the above-mentioned file. The procedure is outside ParcourSup;
  • Once the commission has validated your application, you will be interviewed.

Is it possible to integrate a Bachelor in Management at ESCE during the year ?

You should know that admission to the Bachelor of Management program at ESCE is possible during the year.

Candidates can enter the program in the1st year in February and in the3rd year in January for the “management of organizations” specialization.

Updated 9 February 2024