What is a level 3 RNCP title?

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One of the particularities of the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles is the way it classifies certifications. This classification is done mainly according to the degree of the certification which corresponds to the academic level of the certifications.

Since the publication of the decree n°2019-14 of January 2019, the number of RNCP levels has increased from 5 to 8. Level 8 being the highest level this time. And it is now possible to obtain RNCP titles from level 3 . This level also includes certifications that can be obtained in high school, such as the CAP, BEP and MC.

  • The RNCP or Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles is the register dedicated to certifications recognized on the whole French territory
  • Several types of certifications are registered in the RNCP
  • The RNCP title validates professional experience while a state diploma certifies the level of study of its holder
  • A level 3 RNCP certification corresponds to a CAP, BEP or MC
  • It is possible to follow several types of training after completing a level 3 RNCP course
  • France Compétences presents the list of training courses registered with the RNCP and has an easy-to-use search tool
  • All courses offered by ESCE International Business School are registered with the RNCP and are visible on France Compétences

What is the RNCP?

As its name implies, the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles is a directory of certifications. More precisely, it is a directory solely dedicated to certifications that are recognized by the State and its social partners.

The registration of a certification and the training that led to it in the RNCP is a guarantee of quality. In addition, this registration in the RNCP means that the certification and training meet the needs of the labor market.

What are the differences between a state diploma and a level 3 RNCP title?

A state diploma and a level 3 RNCP title differ mainly in their purpose.

A state diploma such as the Diplôme National du Brevet is mainly used to certify a level of study. An RNCP title , on the other hand, certifies the acquisition of professional skills.

The two types of certifications also differ in the way they are registered in the RNCP. Unlike titles, state diplomas are automatically registered in the directory since they are issued by the state.

What is a level 3 RNCP title or certification?

The correspondence of a level 3 RNCP certification depends on the version of the classification taken into account.

In the old classification, the RNCP level 3 corresponds to the certifications of level bac+2. These certifications are still valid and are equivalent to the current level 5 RNCP certifications .

On the other hand, with the new classification introduced in 2019, level 3 of the RNCP corresponds to the so-called infrabacs certifications . In other words, certifications obtained in high school, during the two years following the third grade. These certifications include the CAP, the BEP and the MC.

What job can I do with a level 3 RNCP title?

Level 3 of the RNCP is composed of several professional certifications . This is particularly the case for the various level 3 RNCP qualifications such as the CAP or BEP. And like all RNCP qualifications, those at level 3 also allow access to specific functions .

However, the professional outlets for a level 3 RNCP title depend on the type of certification and the sector targeted.

A CAP in butchery, for example, will allow its holder to work as a butcher. With a Professional Certificate of Youth, Popular Education and Sport (CPJEPS), candidates can work as animators.

Can I continue my studies after completing a level 3 RNCP course?

A level 3 RNCP training allows you to obtain different certifications that are also registered in the RNCP. These certifications are therefore recognized by the State and its social partners. The state’s social partners include many educational and training institutions.

Holders of certifications obtained following an RNCP training have the possibility to continue their studies. Generally speaking, candidates with this profile are oriented towards level 4 RNCP training. These allow students to obtain diplomas at thebaccalaureate level , such as the CAPC or the DAEU.

With a level 4 RNCP certification in their pocket, candidates can apply to various universities or grandes écoles. ESCE International Business School welcomes holders of this type of certification in the framework of two RNCP courses. These are the international bachelor’s degree and the grande école program.

How to find a level 3 RNCP training on France Compétences ?

France Compétences is first and foremost a public institution. Its main mission is to regulate the activities that revolve around vocational training and apprenticeship.

However, the institution also has an eponymous online platform. This one proposes among other things various headings on the RNCP as well as a search tool. This tool has been specially designed to make it easy to find a certification or a training course registered in the RNCP by mentioning the title, the code or the level of the training course in the dialog box. If this information is not known, the search can still be done using the “advanced search” option. The latter allows you to select several search criteria such as the sector of activity and the targeted profession or level.

Updated 19 April 2023