What is France Compétences and how does the RNCP work?

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The institution France Compétences was created with the aim of improving the supply of skills in France. The latter is in charge of regulating and financing the activities that revolve around learning and public training.

And there are several links between France Compétences and the RNCP. All the training courses that can be found through the platform are, for example, registered with the RNCP. This is the case for the courses offered by ESCE.

In summary:

  • France Compétences is a public organization in charge of the regulation and financing of apprenticeship and vocational training
  • The National Directory of Professional Certifications serves as a database of certifications recognized by the State and its social partners
  • Thanks to France Compétences, the training offer and access to vocational training in France have improved considerably
  • The missions of France Compétences are mainly to regulate vocational training and apprenticeship
  • The institution is made up of five colleges that bring together different representatives
  • The France Compétences platform makes it easy to find training courses registered with the RNCP
  • The courses offered by ESCE are registered with the RNCP and aim at certifications from levels 6 to 8

What are the roles of France Compétences and the RNCP?

The roles of France Compétences

France Compétences is a national public institution with a creation date of January 2019. It is responsible for the regulation and financing of apprenticeship and vocational training in France. The institution is placed under the supervision of the ministry in charge of vocational training, but has financial autonomy.

In essence, the role of France Compétences is to work towards improving the training offer in France. To do this, the institution carries out various operations.

It is mainly about the distribution of funds as well as the regulation of the quality and modalities of training. The institution also ensures the proper implementation of apprenticeship and vocational training reforms.

The roles of the RNCP

The Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles is a database that lists the certifications and diplomas recognized by the State. To be listed in the RNCP, a certification and therefore the corresponding training must have a professional purpose. In other words, these must allow the acquisition ofprofessional skills necessary for the exercise of a professional activity.

However, the diplomas issued by the State are also registered in the RNCP and automatically.

How have France Compétences and the RNCP redefined the French vocational training landscape?

One of the objectives of France Compétences is to facilitate access to professional training and apprenticeship. The achievement of this objective is increasingly visible thanks to the actions carried out by the institution.

The creation of the institution has also centralized the governance and financing of apprenticeship and vocational training. And by extension, this has considerably improved the training offer in France. Before the creation of France Compétences, these operations were carried out jointly by different national governance bodies.

Thanks to the institution, it has also become easier to find and identify the training courses and certifications registered in the RNCP.

What are the missions of France Compétences and the RNCP?

The institution’s missions revolve around the regulation and financing of apprenticeship and professional training. It ensures, for example, the control of the validity of the registration of training and certifications in the RNCP. The institution is also responsible for the distribution of vocational training funds among the various actors in the field.

How does the RNCP work?

The RNCP presents the certifications through descriptive sheets. The latter mention, among other things, the terms of access, the targeted professions and the RNCP level of each certification. This level corresponds to the academic level of certification .

As of 2019, eight RNCP levels are used to classify certifications. These different levels range from basic knowledge to graduate level degrees .

ESCE International Business School offers courses that lead to RNCP level 6 and level 7 certifications . The school offers a Grande École program, an international bachelor’s degree and an MSc.

Does the France Compétences institution have a particular governance?

Given the importance and impact of its missions, it is essential that the institution be composed of qualified members. These members act under the supervision of a governance structure consisting of a President, a Board of Directors and an Executive Director.

The president and the general manager of France Compétences are appointed by presidential decree. The board of directors is composed of various representatives (state, regional, trade unions, professional employers’ organizations).

How can I find a RNCP training course on the France Compétences website ?

On the Internet, there are several sites that offer different lists of more or less complete training registered with the RNCP. However, the France Compétences is the one that allows you to easily find all the training courses registered in the directory. The operation is done in a few clicks.

To find an RNCP training on the platform, simply use the search tool that is proposed. It is presented in the form of a dialog box in which it is possible to enter different keywords. It can be the title of a training course or certification, a sector of activity or an RNCP level. With the “advanced search” option, it is possible to select several criteria or the search directory. Thanks to this, it becomes even easier to find a training registered in the RNCP or in the specific directory.

Updated 19 April 2023