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You are ambitious and have plans to make a career in the field of commerce and at the international level? Pursuing a Master’s degree after your Bachelor’s degree is an excellent choice to enhance your resume as well as your future career. However, you have difficulty choosing which Master to do after a Bachelor’s degree? This article will enlighten you.

In summary:

Doing a Master after a Bachelor:

  • Involves taking two additional years of study.
  • Allows you to have more opportunities at the end of your training.
  • Gives you the opportunity to reach executive, managerial and/or director positions.
  • Is possible in alternation at many business schools specialized in international careers.

Why do you want to obtain a Master’s degree after a Bachelor’s degree?

There are many reasons to obtain a Master’s degree after a Bachelor’s degree:

  • A Master’s degree is available after a Bachelor’s degree. If you choose to pursue your Master’s degree in the same institution where you did your Bachelor’s degree, your admission is even facilitated;
  • it is more interesting to take a Master’s degree to have a better command of your field. You will need it to be competitive if you are considering an international career;
  • There are positions that require a Master’s degree. These are generally the jobs of executives, managers and directors;
  • Also, the master’s degree gives you the possibility to choose a specialization, which will further enhance your CV.

What are the different types of Masters that can be chosen after a Bachelor’s degree?

Nowadays, there are many types of Master’s degrees that take at least two years to complete and correspond to a Bachelor’s degree. That said, the Bachelor’s degree being an internationally oriented degree, it gives access to different types of Masters with the same vocation.

Master of Science or MSc

With a Bachelor’s degree, you can choose to do a Master of Science in a business school like ESCE. It is equivalent to a Bac + 5 level since it lasts 2 years after a Bachelor’s degree, which lasts 3 years. The interest of doing an MSc is that it is internationally oriented and therefore allows you to access jobs in the international field.

Specialized Master or MS

The Specialized Master or MS is an option that interests more and more students since it constitutes a real advantage on a CV. This is mainly due to the fact that it is only accessible after a Master’s degree. Also internationally oriented, it is equivalent to a Bac + 6 level. As its name indicates, it allows you to specialize in a particular field right after the Master’s degree.

Master in Business Administration or MBA

After a Bachelor’s degree in a business school, you can also opt for an MBA. This is a Master’s degree equivalent to a Bac + 5 and also internationally oriented. The difference it has with the other 2 types is that it is more focused on Business Administration.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the MBA is aimed at specific targets. They are generally professionals who want to acquire better managerial skills in order to move to positions of greater responsibility. This is the case, for example, for managers who are considering a move to the position of Manager or Director.

How to enter a Master’s degree after a Bachelor’s degree at ESCE?

ESCE is a business school specializing in international careers, which allows you to enter a Master’s degree after a Bachelor’s degree. Depending on the Bachelor’s degree you have, you can for example choose one of the programs offered for an MSc to specialize in the field you like.

As for theadmission criteria, you only need to validate your Bachelor’s degree with a total of 180 ECTS credits. To go to the2nd year of the Master’s program, you need at least 240 ECTS credits. Visit the school’s website and the FAQ section if you need more information.

If you plan to continue your studies at ESCE after a Bachelor’s degree, you also have the possibility to do an MBA International Big Data Management of Robots.

How to finance your Master’s studies after a Bachelor’s degree?

To finance your Master’s degree aftera Bachelor’s degree, you are normally entitled to various grants and/or scholarships if you are eligible. Among other things, you can benefit from housing assistance or try to obtain a scholarship for excellence. Also, you can always opt for the alternation. Often, the company will fund your Master’s studies while employing you in their practice.

Updated 20 April 2023