What to study before a Master’s degree in business engineering?

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The Master’s degree in Business Engineering is open to students wishing to hold a position of high responsibility in the commercial field. There are many opportunities after this master’s degree. At ESCE, this training is accessible to students with a Bac + 3, whether they are French or foreign.

What are the relevant fields of study for a Master’s degree in business engineering?

The areas of study for a master’s degree in business engineering are focused on the high-level business function. Indeed, the objective of a Bac + 5 degree in business engineering is to prepare the student to become a sales manager. He/she must be able to detect opportunities, design and propose customized solutions, manage and lead teams to create added value for clients.

Also, the master’s degree in business engineering is intended for students with a business background in different sectors: IT, automotive industries, food industry, metallurgy industry, oil, raw materials. This training offers strategic teachings in business development.

In practice, the mission of a business engineer is to make a significant turnover for his company. Proactive, the business engineer designs and organizes his or her activities according to the objectives to be achieved, while being concerned with creating lasting relationships with his or her clients. It works on a few fundamental axes:

  • the detection of business opportunities and the development of a business-oriented strategic vision;
  • the design and negotiation of high value-added “tailor-made” solutions;
  • taking charge of projects to manage complex affairs;
  • mobilization, motivation and management of teams.

What degrees are required to enter the Master of Business Engineering program?

Training to become a business engineer begins with a course in business. The student can choose from several courses:

  • enter a business school to obtain a professional diploma, either directly after the Bac or after a preparatory class for the grandes écoles;
  • enter an engineering school, to do a year of specialization in business;
  • start with a BTS or a Bachelor’s degree in sales and commercial negotiation. Afterwards, it is necessary to complete this training with a master’s degree in business, computer science or management engineering;
  • do a university course, via the IAE (Instituts d’Administration des Entreprises).

Also, some schools offer a 5-year course after the Bac. The integration is also done in post Bac + 2 or + 3. On the other hand, a scientific, technological, technical-commercial or tertiary profile gives you a better chance of getting into a master’s degree in business engineering.

What are the career opportunities for graduates of a Master’s degree in business engineering?

A business engineer has great responsibilities. He must ensure the assumption of responsibility for the contract allowing the sale and the concretization of project for his customer. His mission is to develop the business of his company and manage a portfolio of business. A true B to B sales specialist, he negotiates complex products and services with high added value.

Thus, a master’s degree in business engineering allows you to become a business engineer, to offer exceptional job opportunities such as:

  • business developer ;
  • high technology sales engineer ;
  • business engineer in high technologies ;
  • technical sales engineer ;
  • commercial project manager ;
  • sales manager ;
  • business management framework;
  • key account manager ;
  • business development manager ;
  • business manager;
  • key account manager ;
  • Key Account Manager ;
  • commercial for export.

What are the advantages of a Master’s degree in business engineering compared to other master’s degrees?

By integrating a master’s degree in business engineering, a student becomes a specialist in the offer and the client’s business. He is able to close complex sales, to become a professional negotiator.

As an expert in the sale of products and services to businesses, he masters the challenges of digital transformation, to deploy an effective sales strategy. After his training, he has all the keys in hand to integrate positions of responsibility, to be a major player in the development of the company that employs him.

Also, a master’s degree in business engineering allows the application of the lessons studied in :

  • sales and commercial negotiation ;
  • business law ;
  • corporate finance ;
  • project management ;
  • computer science and statistics ;
  • management of technologies.

At the end of the Master’s degree in business engineering, the graduating student can work in design offices, large industrial companies, and engineering firms in France and abroad.

In addition, the master’s degree in business engineering allows :

  • to arm itself with a double competence to face the competition of the market;
  • benefit from the name of the new school in which the student is learning;
  • to claim an optimal salary;
  • acquire a specialization in a specific field.
Updated 21 April 2023