Why do a Master’s degree in marketing?

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Marketing is one of the most important skills you can have. This is also a field with many careers available for graduates, but it is difficult to know which program will best meet your goals. Why do a master’s degree in marketing? We will guide you.

why do a Master’s degree in marketing?

With a master’s degree in marketing, you’ll be able to build a strong foundation in marketing and quickly advance your career. It also allows you to acquire knowledge and skills related to current marketing strategies, especially in the digital field. A master’s degree gives you an advantage when it comes to being promoted to higher positions or finding a new job at another company. You’ll also have more entrepreneurial opportunities after earning this degree, as it gives you the tools to create a business on your own terms and within budget. In summary, a master’s degree in marketing will allow you to work in different sectors of activity, whether in France or abroad.

what are the advantages of doing a Master’s degree in marketing

  • Get a job easily in this field: if you want to work in a team using your knowledge, there are many opportunities in marketing;
  • Have more options for careers after graduation: marketing is not confined to one industry. There are several opportunities.
  • Compensation: however, compensation depends on the size of the company and the years of experience of the employee.

What are the areas of study for a Master’s degree in marketing and how can they help people succeed in their careers?

Marketing is a multidisciplinary field. It goes from communication, trade, to the behavioral study of targets.

By taking a master’s degree in marketing, you will discover the theory of marketing, its history, principles, methods and tools. You will also examine how companies use them to communicate with consumers.

You will conduct market research, which involves studying how consumers make decisions about products or services based on their needs and preferences; using this knowledge to develop new product or service ideas; analyzing the data collected from market research (i.e., surveys); and then bringing this information back to your organization so that it can be used more effectively in future campaigns.

You will learn how to do a Marketing Analysis. This involves conducting analysis on customer behavior over time (such as buying patterns); predicting future behavior based on past trends; and identifying opportunities within those trends.

You will learn how to design, implement and evaluate marketing strategies consistent with business objectives. A marketing strategy is a set of plans and actions designed to achieve specific objectives.

You will also learn business skills such as leadership, negotiation, decision making and teamwork. You will be able to work in a variety of situations with people from different backgrounds and cultures. You will learn to negotiate with suppliers or customers using negotiation techniques adapted to each situation.

What are the professional opportunities available to graduates of a Master’s degree in marketing?

Marketing is a multi-branch field. A master’s degree in marketing allows access to different professional sectors:

  • private and public sector;
  • international organizations ;
  • Media;
  • Non-profit organizations: organizations that do not make a profit, but exist to serve a cause or improve society.

What are the advantages of obtaining a Master’s degree in marketing compared to another marketing degree?

A master’s degree in marketing opens many doors in the professional world. Indeed, a master’s student in marketing is an indispensable target for developing companies, following the evolution of technology and the evolution of consumer behavior.

Thus, a master’s degree in marketing is a valuable asset to your resume. With this degree:

  • you can access a higher level of management;
  • you can get a better paying job, and/or teach at the university level.

What are the Masters in Marketing available at ESCE?

There are a variety of master’s programs you can take at ESCE. These include:

In our Grande Ecole program, 3 specializations in marketing in the Master’s cycle:

  • Communication and Marketing of Luxury and Prestige Products, which focuses on the culture and history of luxury, and the communication and marketing strategies and techniques that help develop luxury and prestige brands.
  • Consumer Marketing, which focuses on identifying the key drivers of consumer behavior and developing strategies to reach them.
  • International Digital Marketing, where students learn how companies use new technologies to develop products that meet the needs of consumers in all industries.

On the other hand, a Master of Science (MSc) International Marketing, in one or two years.

Updated 24 April 2023