Why take a level 4 RNCP training course?

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In France, there are many courses and programs that students can follow. For the most part, these training courses and curricula lead to different diplomas or titles. This is particularly true of the international bachelor’s degree offered by ESCE.

However, these diplomas and titles can correspond to different certifications and levels. To follow a higher education or professional training program, it is generally necessary to have at least a level 4 RNCP title.

To better understand all these elements, it is necessary to understand the differences between a certified title and the RNCP.

In summary:

  • The Répertoire National de la Certification Professionnelle or RNCP lists all the professional certifications recognized by the State
  • Unlike the diploma, the title certifies the ability to perform a professional activity
  • Only the RNCP titles are recognized by the State and the social partners
  • There are eight different levels of RNCP
  • Level 4 of the RNCP groups together diplomas at bac level
  • Obtaining a level 4 RNCP title allows you to follow various higher education and professional training courses
  • To find a level 4 RNCP training course on France Compétences, you must indicate the field of activity you are aiming for

What is the RNCP?


The acronym RNCP stands for ” Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles “. As the name implies, it is a collection or register of professional certifications. These include diplomas, certificates and titles , all of which have a professional purpose. It is important to know that the RNCP also lists various training courses for professional purposes.

In order to be registered in the RNCP, these training courses and certifications must go through the National Commission for Professional Certification. Some certifications are registered by right in the RNCP because of the way they are issued. This is particularly the case for professional diplomas issued by a Ministry. For the others, registration in the directory is done on request.

The RNCP title

An RNCP title is a certification that has been validated by the commission and has thus obtained registration in the directory. This type of professional title is recognized by the State.

Since the publication of the decree n°2019-14 of January 8, 2019, the certifications are classified in the directory according to eight levels. Level 1 of the RNCP corresponds to the mastery of basic knowledge and level 8 to Bac+8 and above.

One of the particularities of the RNCP titles is that they are accessible via initial training, continuing education or by VAE.

What are the differences between a state diploma and a level 4 RNCP title?

State diplomas and RNCP titles are all registered in the RNCP. However, there are several differences between the two certifications .

First of all, the state diplomas correspond to certificates of aptitude that validate the level of study of their holders. The RNCP titles validate the acquisition of skills necessary for the exercise of a specific professional activity.

Then, the state diplomas include certifications from Bac+2 to Bac+5. The RNCP titles cover eight levels of certification , ranging from basic knowledge to doctorate level.DBA/PhD.

Unlike the RNCP titles , which lead to more specific functions , the State diplomas allow access to generalist professions.

What is a level 4 RNCP title or certification?

Level 4 of the RNCP lists the certifications at the baccalaureate level. These include the general,professional and technological baccalaureates, the law degree, the DAEU and the professional certificates.

In addition to these certifications , there is also the Brevet des Métiers d’Arts and the Diplôme National d’Orientation Professionnelle. These certifications are specific to professional activities that fall within the artistic field.

What type of job can the holder of a level 4 RNCP qualification apply for?

As a reminder, the RNCP titles give the possibility to integrate specific functions . The jobs that can be done then depend on the level of certification and the needs of employers.

In general, the RNCP level 4 titles allow access to jobs that require a level of study equivalent to the baccalaureate. Among these jobs are administrative or legal secretary, agricultural business manager or sports educator.

Can I continue my studies after completing a level 4 RNCP course?

The RNCP level 4 certifications are obtained by following corresponding level training courses . With these certifications, their holders can then access other higher level training .

In general, after a level 4 RNCP training, graduates enter a level 5 RNCP training. In other words, a Bac+2 training that leads to a BTS or DUT.

Several courses offered by ESCE International Business School are accessible through a level 4 RNCP title. This is particularly true of the International Bachelor’s program and the Grande Ecole program.

How to find a level 4 RNCP training on France Compétences ?

It is very easy to determine if a training or certification is registered in the RNCP. To do so, you just have to go to the official platform of France Compétences. The latter provides Internet users with a tool that allows them to search for RNCP training and certifications.

The France Compétences platform makes it easy to find a level 4 RNCP training. After having mentioned the level and the field of activity you are looking for, the site displays all the corresponding training courses . The search tool also allows you to find a course listed in the specific directory.

Updated 19 April 2023