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International trade is a sector in constant evolution, always in search of new profiles. Passionate about the exchange of goods and services? Discover the reasons to join an international business school.

Why choose an international business school?

International trade encompasses the various exchanges between different actors around the world. As such, it contributes to the economy of a country as well as to the growth of a company. Going to an international business school is a real opportunity for students.

Access to a complete training

The grandes écoles offer a complete program allowing you to be fully operational in the field of international business. As the name implies, the training is based on business, but not only. To operate at the international level, several other subjects are integrated into the program, namely:

  • import-export,
  • international law ;
  • international negotiations ;
  • international logistics.

In addition, the mastery of at least one foreign language is part of the program. Unlike a traditional curriculum, international business offers a real experience abroad. The training is therefore punctuated by an internship, a stay or even a semester in another country to facilitate your integration into the professional world.

Open up to several professional opportunities

Choosing an international business school means opening up to the world, with job prospects in all countries. In fact, the positions have no geographical limits, so you can use your skills in any company that is recruiting. In terms of job opportunities, you can operate as a :

  • international buyer/ international purchasing manager ;
  • business development officer ;
  • export manager/ import-export manager ;
  • international relations officer ;
  • international business manager ;
  • managers of foreign subsidiaries ;
  • international marketing manager.

However, it is important to know that the position depends on the level of education and years of experience.

Follow a program that fits your needs

International business schools offer different curricula to help you find the right program for you. You have the choice between an initial program and a work-study program. The latter is an opportunity to combine your knowledge with real work experience.

What are the strengths of an international business school?

The main strength of an international business school lies in its partnerships, which are useful for furthering your education. Relationships are real opportunities to train abroad. Moreover, they are also useful for those who want to follow a work-study program, knowing that you have access to many companies throughout your course.

You should also know that international business schools have several admission procedures. You can enter them directly after the baccalaureate or take advantage of the delayed start of the school year. This is an early start to the year allowing students not to lose an academic year. It is mainly intended for those who wish to reorient themselves or who have fallen behind in their choice of field of study.

What are the study programs and options available in an international business school like ESCE?

International business schools like ESCE offer three types of programs

The Grandes Ecoles program

The Grandes Ecoles program leads to a Master’s degree, which means that it lasts 5 years. However, it is possible to integrate it in the middle of the course for those who have already had a previous diploma. At ESCE, you have the choice of three personalized programs, including :

  • International business ;
  • International Political Science ;
  • Expert (Europe, Asia or America).

Alternating courses are also possible from the fourth year onwards.

The bachelor program

The bachelor’s program lasts 3 years. You have the opportunity to train for one or two semesters abroad, in Barcelona or London. Note that the ESCE International Bachelor’s degree is taught in English. It also gives you access to five options, namely:

  • International business ;
  • Corporate finance ;
  • International luxury management ;
  • Management of organizations ;
  • Marketing and business development.

The MSc program

The master of science is an international degree at the level of bac+5. It is therefore accessible with a bac+3 or bac+4. Among the areas proposed are:

  • International business development ;
  • International SCM & purchasing ;
  • International corporate finance ;
  • International marketing.
Updated 20 April 2023