Sesame exam statistics: what is the success rate of the Sesame exam?

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The Sésame competitive entrance exam is a very selective post-baccalaureate exam that attracts young people with a baccalaureate and in their final year of high school. It remains open to students from all over France. This competitive entrance exam is an elitist one, as it allows you to enter the most prestigious business schools. These are reserved only for the best. The success rate of the competition changes every year, as does the participation rate of the candidates. This article tells you more about it.

What is the success rate of candidates for the Sesame exam?

Although selective and reputedly difficult, for a well-prepared candidate, the Sésame exam is largely accessible. The success rate varies by school, but the number increases each year. Students are becoming better prepared and understand more about the competition.

According to last year’s statistics, it was around 50% to 80%. This rate is considered quite high compared to the results of other competitive examinations such as the Accès competition. Of the 14 schools in the competition, it is quite possible to be admitted to at least one school. Given the exponential number of participants in the competitions, the success rate is starting to drop.

Where can I find statistics on the success rates of the Sesame exam?

To find statistics on the success rates of the Sesame exam, you can simply search the Internet. To do so, type the keyword on the search engine of your choice. You will see several results. Many magazines, websites and discussion forums have this information. This data is verifiable and can be viewed free of charge.

However, for more reliable results, we recommend going to the official Sesame competition website. The Parcoursup website is also a good alternative. You can find other important information about the competition such as the calendars for the coming year. There are also articles on how to register, various fees and details on the tests. On the official website, the data is regularly updated.

How many candidates have taken part in previous Sesame competitions?

The international trade sector is constantly expanding. This means that the demands on human resources are increasing significantly. These demands have evolved even more with the arrival of online and digital commerce. Young people are desperate to enter this dynamic and lucrative world.

As a result, the Sesame competition is becoming more and more attractive. The number of applicants to the competition increases significantly each year. Last year, nearly 10,000 candidates took the Sesame exam, compared to 5,000 the year before.

This growing interest in the Sesame exam makes it more and more selective. Candidates come from all over France. All major cities in metropolitan France are concerned, but also in the French overseas territories. Even foreigners are interested in this renowned competition. For prospective students, the renowned business schools at the key remain attractive goals.

Are the schools for which the Sésame exam prepares selective?

There are 14 grandes écoles for which you can apply via the Sésame competitive exam, including ESCE International Business School, which specializes in international studies. These schools offer different programs and paths. They each have their own specialties. To this end, the level of requirement and selectivity varies for each institution. Each chooses the coefficients for the tests and sets the conditions for the oral tests.

By passing the Sésame exam, schools are already forcing candidates to undergo a high level of selection. Although they are selective, they also want to allow as many people as possible to enter their school. The objective is to provide candidates with a quality program and a strong international outlook.

Which baccalaureate did the students who passed the Sesame exam take?

To succeed in the Sesame exam, the most important thing is to prepare well beforehand. The students who succeeded in the competition all had different backgrounds. Nevertheless, about 90% of the participants had a general baccalaureate, the majority of which were in the scientific series.
Indeed, those who have an interest in the scientific field are more likely to succeed in competitive exams. You must be comfortable with logical reasoning, mathematics and general culture to have a chance at the Sesame exam.

Updated 20 April 2023