What conditions must a training course meet to be registered with the RNCP?

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Currently, thetraining offer in France includes a large number of proposals. And that equals several thousand certifications that can be obtained. Faced with this situation, it can be difficult to identify training and certifications that are recognized by the state.

To do this, the best solution is to go through the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles or RNCP. The main objective of this directory is to list the training courses and certifications recognized by the State. However, in order to be included in the RNCP, they must meet a certain number of conditions.

In summary:

  • The Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles is a collection of state-recognized professional certifications
  • The certifications registered in the RNCP include different types of diplomas, professional certificates and titles
  • Registration in the RNCP must above all meet the conditions of adequacy with the realities and needs of the labor market
  • Depending on the characteristics of the certification, it may be registered automatically or on request in the RNCP
  • Registration with the RNCP lasts a maximum of 5 years and can be renewed throughout this period
  • RNCP training and certification are offered by many institutions, including grandes écoles and universities
  • ESCE International Business School offers various courses as well as RNCP titles and welcomes holders of RNCP certifications

What is the RNCP?

As its name suggests, the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles is a directory dedicated to professional certifications. This directory lists only the certifications recognized by the State and its social partners. Similarly, only training courses recognized throughout France are registered in the RNCP.

The RNCP classifies the certifications according to different criteria such as the sector targeted, the access modalities or the level. Currently, there are eight levels of RNCP certification , ranging from basic knowledge to Bachelor’s degree level.

Which certifications can be registered in the RNCP?

Registration on the RNCP is open to a large number of certifications. These may be professional degrees, diplomas or certificates.

The difference between these certifications lies mainly in their purpose. While professional titles and certificates validate professional experience, diplomas validate mainly an academic level.

However, whatever the certification, to be eligible for the RNCP, it must meet several conditions.

What are the conditions for registration with the RNCP?

Several conditions are required for a training to be registered in the RNCP. These conditions can be summarized in four main points.

First, the content of the training must allow for the acquisition of professional skills necessary for the exercise of a professional activity.

Secondly, there must be a match between the level of the certification and the characteristics of the job in question. These characteristics include salary and required job skills .

The certification targeted by the training must also lead to a job for which there is a real demand. In other words, the certification must lead to employment.

The fourth condition concerns the possibility of obtaining the certification through the Validation of Acquired Experience or VAE.

How does the registration with the RNCP work?

Automatic registration

For diplomas issued by the State, notably through the various ministries, registration in the RNCP is automatic. This is normal and logical given that these diplomas are recognized by the State and its social partners.

Among these diplomas automatically registered in the RNCP are the various state diplomas.

Registration on demand

For certifications that are not directly issued by the State, registration in the RNCP is done on request. For this, the institutions offering the certifications must compile a file. The latter will be studied by a commission empowered to study the requests and to decide on a decision.

To determine eligibility for the RNCP, the commission relies primarily on the registration conditions mentioned above.

Is the registration with the RNCP definitive?

A training course or a certification can be registered in the RNCP for a maximum of 5 years. To remain in the directory, it is therefore necessary to renew the registration. The operation is usually done during the validity period of the registration.

In addition, training and certifications can be audited on a regular basis. And depending on the results of the audits, the registration to the RNCP can be cancelled or confirmed and updated.

Which institutions offer RNCP training and certification?

RNCP training and certification can be offered by different types of institutions. The best known are the professional training institutions, universities and especially the grandes écoles. ESCE International Business School is on the list of grandes écoles that offer training and certification registered with the RNCP.

The school ‘s training catalog includes 3 different programs ranging from RNCP 6 to RNCP 7. These are the Grande Ecole program, the International Bachelor’s program and the MSC program.

How to determine if a certification is registered with the RNCP?

If the certification is issued by the State, it is automatically registered in the RNCP. And to find out if the other certifications are registered in the RNCP, you just have to use the France Compétences platform, which offers a search tool. Thanks to it, it is possible to find the RNCP certifications with their title or by mentioning their level.

Updated 19 April 2023