To what academic level does a level 7 RNCP title correspond?

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Previously, the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles or RNCP was composed of seven levels of certification. But in 2019, an eighth level was added. Since this change, level 7 of the RNCP includes all Master 2 or Bac+5 level qualifications .

There are several opportunities for holders of a level 7 RNCP title. They can work in senior management positions or continue their education. This is possible thanks to the training offered byESCE International Business School.

In summary:

  • Only certifications recognized by the State and its social partners are registered in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles
  • The state diploma certifies the state level of its holder while the RNCP title certifies the acquisition of professional skills
  • A level 7 RNCP title corresponds to a Master 2 or bachelor degree
  • Holders of a level 7 RNCP qualification can apply for senior management positions
  • ESCE offers level 7 RNCP courses and programs adapted to holders of a level 7 RNCP title

What is the function of the RNCP?

The purpose of the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles is to classify all certifications recognized by the State. These certifications are also recognized by the state’s social partners, including educational and training institutions.

In addition to listing the recognized certifications , the RNCP also details the level of study corresponding to each of them. And currently, there are eight different levels of RNCP certifications .

What are the differences between a state diploma and a level 7 RNCP title?

The RNCP title and the state diploma are both certifications that are registered in the RNCP. Apart from this feature, the two certifications have mostly differences.

The purpose of a state diploma is to validate an academic level of study. On the other hand, an RNCP title, whatever its level, is used to validate professional experience. In other words, the acquisition of skills and abilities necessary to practice a profession.

In addition, unlike a state diploma, an RNCP title prepares you for very specific positions.

What is a level 7 RNCP title or certification?

According to the current classification of RNCP certification degrees, level 7 groups together Master’s level degrees. More precisely, this level corresponds to Master 2 degrees or degrees equivalent to bac+5. The certifications between the level bac+5 and bac+7 are also included in this level.

Among these certifications are various Masters from universities and schools as well as Specialized Masters. They can be Master’s degrees in science, culture, languages or business or a State Diploma in Architecture.

Does a level 7 RNCP title allow a good professional integration?

Each year, a significant number of job seekers enter the job market. These candidates have different professional skills and, more importantly, different certifications. As a result, the level of employability differs from one candidate to another. Generally speaking, holders of RNCP level 7 and 8 qualifications are the most sought-after candidates by companies.

A level 7 RNCP title allows its holder to find a good professional insertion. Moreover, this type of certification prepares students for positions of responsibility which, as a bonus, offer very attractive salaries. With a level 7 RNCP title, job seekers can apply for senior management positions. ESCE graduates with this title have the opportunity to work as an international manager.

What type of institution offers level 7 RNCP training?

Level 7 RNCP courses are mainly offered by two types of institutions: universities and grandes écoles. ESCE is one of the business and management schools that offer this type of training.

The school welcomes holders of RNCP level 5 and 6 titles in two different programs. These allow students to obtain RNCP level 7 certifications. These are the MSC program and the Grande Ecole program.

Upon completion of these programs, graduates have two options. They can continue their studies with a PhD or DBA, or move on to different international careers.

Are there any level 8 RNCP courses?

The RNCP level 8 training courses allow you to obtain level 8 certifications . These include the PhD, the DBA, but also other more specific degrees . These include, among others, the Diplôme d’Expertise Comptable. To date, level 8 is the highest level of certification in the RNCP, and there are far fewer RNCP level 8 courses than those at lower levels. However, these very demanding courses are offered by several institutions. The complete list of RNCP level 8 certificationsand training is available on the France Compétences platform. To find a course, simply use the search tool provided by the platform.

Updated 24 April 2023