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Work-study is an integral part of higher education. These programs financially assist schools and universities by providing opportunities for students to work in their courses. These programs can also help companies find new employees.

Why do you want to do a Bachelor’s degree in marketing ?

There are several reasons for this choice. First of all, the work-study program allows students to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired at university in a professional context. In addition, it offers the opportunity to develop one’s network and to specialize in the field of marketing. Finally, it also provides the opportunity to find a job more easily after graduation.

The bachelor’s degree in marketing offers you a comprehensive education in marketing. You will learn to identify market needs and develop appropriate marketing strategies. You will also be able to define the characteristics of a brand and set up an effective advertising campaign.

First and foremost, the bachelor’s degree in marketing will allow you to acquire communication skills. Thanks to this training, you will be able to adapt your message to different target audiences and deploy effective communication strategies. You will also master the digital tools that are now an integral part of marketing.

Finally, this degree will also give you the basics of business and management. These skills will be useful in managing a business.

What marketing specialization areas are available in Bachelor’s programs?

There are many areas of specialization in marketing, so you can find the Bachelor’s program that best suits you. Some institutions offer specializations in :

  • digital marketing ;
  • sports marketing ;
  • tourism marketing ;
  • or international marketing.

Other institutions offer programs that cover all areas of marketing. These seem to be the most versatile and suitable courses for students who are not yet sure what field of marketing they want to study.

What are the advantages of a marketing internship for students and companies?

First, work-study programs provide students with valuable work experience. Students have the chance to learn from the mistakes they make in the workplace. This is helpful in developing the skills necessary for academic and career success.

In addition, these programs help students become leaders by providing practical leadership skills. In addition, companies have the opportunity to test before investing in new high-risk employees. This reduces turnover and provides a better working environment for workers and management.

Another major benefit of a work-study program is that it helps companies hire more qualified staff members. Work-study students are generally mature enough to handle a full-time job.

How to find a work-study program in a bachelor’s degree in marketing?

The first thing to do is to research the different programs that are offered. Look for those that best match your interests and goals. You can do this by reading reviews and finding out what previous students have said about their experiences.

Once you have narrowed down your choice, contact the appropriate people at the business schools offering the program and ask about admission requirements, areas of specialization, and overall course length. Again, narrow down your choices based on cost, location, and post-graduation employment opportunities.

Which Bachelor’s degree in marketing to choose at ESCE to do a work-study program?

Do you want to specialize in marketing and want to choose the right Bachelor of Marketing for you? ESCE offers specialized programs with work-study opportunities.

Students can choose from many marketing specialization options, including digital marketing, market data analysis, and marketing communication. These options are adapted to the current demand of companies looking for specialists in communications and digital strategy.In addition, the program is designed to give students a solid theoretical background. It allows you to work with market professionals through an innovative alternating system. It provides professionals with real expertise and a solid foundation. Finally, students can benefit from the support of a mentor who will accompany them throughout their training.

Updated 24 April 2023