To what academic level does a level 5 RNCP title correspond?

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The RNCP level 5 title is one of the eight levels of certification of the RNCP. It is more precisely the second level of the classification from the bottom ( level 4) and corresponds to the academic level bac+2. The RNCP level 5 title validates the professional skills required to practice a profession specific.

In summary:

  • The Répertoire National de la Certification Professionnelle lists the certifications recognized by the State and the social partners
  • The RNCP title validates the acquisition of skills necessary for the exercise of a professional activity
  • The level 5 of the RNCP corresponds to the diplomas of level bac+2
  • Holders of a level 5 RNCP title can continue their studies, notably at ESCE International Business School
  • The search tool of the France Compétences platform allows you to find a level 5 RNCP training

What is the function of the RNCP?

The main function of the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles is to list all the certifications recognized by the State. This directory includes various state diplomas and RNCP certifications. The latter are distinguished by their professional purpose.

This directory identifies all recognized certifications and training that allow access to different professions. The RNCP also details the level of study that corresponds to each certification as well as their access procedures.

What are the differences between a state diploma and a level 5 RNCP title?

An RNCP title and a State diploma are both recognized by the State and its social partners. Moreover, it is important to know that state diplomas are among the certifications automatically registered in the RNCP.

The main difference between these two types of certification is the element that is validated or certified.

A state diploma is used to validate the level of study of its holder. With a state diploma of level bac+2 in art, the holder can apply for different jobs in the artistic field.

On the other hand, the RNCP title is distinguished by its professional purpose. In other words, this certification validates the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary to perform a specific professional activity.

The RNCP titles are therefore aimed at specific functions , unlike the State diplomas which prepare for generalist professions.

What is a level 5 RNCP certification or title?

As of 2019, the classification of the different levels of RNCP certifications has been modified in order to simplify it. Thus, the certification level RNCP level 5 ” is the new title of level III of the old classification.

As a reminder, there are eight different degrees of certification or RNCP levels. The lowest, i.e. level 1, corresponds to the diplomas of level bac. The highest level, which is level 8 , groups together all the diplomas at bac+8 level and above.

The certifications registered at level 5 of the RNCP correspond to diplomas at the bac+2 level. These are mainly the Brevets de Technicien Supérieur and the Diplômes Universitaires de Technologie. However, this level also includes certifications such as the DEJEPS, the CPGE and certain Brevets de Maîtrise. Level 5 of the RNCP groups together several hundred specializations.

What profession does a level 5 RNCP title prepare you for?

All RNCP titles have the particularity of preparing students for specific functions in the professional field. However, the sectors of activity can be different according to the specializations and sometimes, according to the level.

A level 5 RNCP title prepares students for jobs in the agriculture or education sectors, among others. Other sectors such as trade, IT, wellness, tourism or health are also targeted by this certification. Depending on the specialization, holders of this certification can become teachers, engineers, craftsmen, designers, photographers or managers.

With a level 5 RNCP title, it is possible to follow several ESCE programs. All of these programs train students for various international careers.

Can I continue my studies after obtaining a level 5 RNCP title?

A level 5 RNCP title is a certification recognized by the majority of educational and training institutions. Moreover, this is the case for all RNCP titles, whatever the level. Therefore, it is quite possible to continue your studies after obtaining a level 5 RNCP title.

As a reminder, this certification is equivalent to a diploma of Bac+2 level. In general, this allows access to training at the level of bac+2 and bac+3.

Holders of a level 5 RNCP title have the possibility of joining the International Bachelor program atESCE. They can also apply for parallel admission to the third year of the Grande Ecole program.

How to find a level 5 RNCP training on France Compétences ?

Created in 2002, the RNCP currently includes several hundred different certifications . Finding a certification or RNCP training can therefore be quite complicated. Hence the interest of the platform France Competence. This is a website that offers several tools, including a search tool for certifications registered with the RNCP.

The tool is presented in the form of a search bar in which it is possible to enter a title. An “advanced search” option is also available and allows you to specify several search criteria. For each result, the site displays all the details related to the certification. These include the level, the sector of activity and the access modalities.

To find a level 5 RNCP training, simply enter these terms on the search bar.

Updated 19 April 2023