What is the salary after a Master in Supply Chain Management?

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Are you considering a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management, but don’t know what the salary is for someone with this degree? This depends on a number of factors, such as experience, geographic location and industry. In general, supply chain management professionals earn a fairly good salary.

What is the average salary for a professional with a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management is a complex and constantly evolving field. That’s why it’s not surprising that a master’s degree in this field can lead to a variety of different jobs and salaries.

The first role is that of a supply chain manager. This professional is responsible for ensuring that materials and products are delivered to the right places at the right time. He also works on optimizing production and delivery processes, as well as managing budgets and contracts. As you might expect, this position comes with a fairly high salary, which usually starts around 60,000 euros per year.

A buyer is another key role in supply chain management. This professional is responsible for purchasing materials and products for his or her company, often working with suppliers to get the best deals. The average salary of a buyer is about 40,000 euros per year.

Finally, there is the role of a logistics coordinator. This professional is responsible for organizing the movement of goods to and from warehouses and order processing centers. He also works with shipping companies to ensure that products arrive on time and in good condition. The average salary for this position is approximately 30,000 euros per year.

How does the salary of a Master’s in Supply Chain Management graduate vary by experience and geographic location?

The compensation for a professional with a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management varies depending on experience and geographic location. Your salary will be lower than that which could be obtained by someone with more experience. In addition, there are differences in salary based on geographic location. Regions with a higher cost of living offer higher wages.

The average annual salary for a professional with a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management is approximately $65,000 in the United States and €56,000 in France. Estimates also show that those with 2-5 years of experience can earn up to $98,000 in the US and €75,000 in France. Experts with more than 10 years of experience can expect salaries of up to $160,000 in the United States or between €120,000 and €140,000 in France.

How can professionals with a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management increase their salary over time?

There are several factors that affect the salary of a master’s degree in supply chain management. These factors include work experience, skills and education.

Having the right skills is essential to earning a higher salary in the supply chain management field. These include communication and negotiation skills, English language skills, and computer and technology expertise. These skills will allow you to better evaluate and manage a company’s supply chain, which will maximize profits.

Once you’ve earned a degree in supply chain management, there are other ways to improve your salary. You can look for additional specialized certifications that allow you to specialize in a particular branch of the field.

What are the benefits that professionals with a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management can receive in addition to their salary

A master’s degree in supply chain management offers significant career and salary benefits. By being at the forefront of best practices in logistics flow management and improvement, you may find a strong demand for your services. In addition, the current demand for data analysis specialists is high and experienced data analysis professionals are rarely unemployed.

Which Master’s degree allows me to study Supply Chain Management at ESCE?

At ESCE, you will be able to follow a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management within the Grande Ecole program, which focuses on professional and practical skills. You will learn to manage complex supply chains and meet market demands for logistics, planning and control. This degree will also give you advanced management skills to help you manage projects and people.

The program also offers a variety of electives to help you develop your specific expertise, including:

  • data analysis;
  • international marketing ;
  • risk management ;
  • the overall strategy.

You will also learn how to work with SAP software. It is used in industry for inventory tracking, delivery planning and other supply chain management operations.

Updated 21 April 2023