How to become an import-export manager and what salary can you expect?

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Currently, almost every nation in the world is engaged in international trade. This constitutes the import and export operations. It is a very privileged area that is part of the keys to the development of a country. With its progressive development and its great importance for a company, the import-export manager occupies a role of choice.

What is the job of import-export manager?

The internationalization of the economy has grown significantly in the 21st century. Import and export operations have become vital for an organization and for a company. In order to manage this rather complex activity, an expert was needed. The latter is then called “ import-export manager “.

The job of import-export manager is very well known, since it has a strong stake in the field of international trade. An import-export manager is the person in charge of supervising the international movement of goods. At the import stage, he is responsible for the coordination and planning of goods entering the country. On the export side, he is in charge of managing the goods that leave the country for foreign nations.

What studies should I do to become an import-export manager?

If you want to become an import export manager, you must first have your bachelor’s degree. After that, you have to choose between different courses that allow you to master the international sales strategy, as well as the establishment of various managerial, commercial and logistic operations. To do this, you can join a business, management or engineering school, and choose :

  • Import-Export (specialization in International Trade) ;
  • Law, Economics, Management, Commerce, specialization;
  • marketing International ;
  • commerce speciality import-export-exchange ;
  • International trade jobs Import-Export ;
  • import-export manager.
  • a Master of Science or MSc program:
  • International Trade ;
  • international trade import-export ;
  • international trade and export marketing;
  • International Business Management (IBM);
  • international trade and emerging countries.

What salary can an import-export manager earn at the beginning of his career?

Companies are doing a lot of hiring due to business expansion and other reasons. As far as import/export managers are concerned, you can easily fit in with the different offers if you meet the companies’ criteria. Once you are in the industry, you will begin to earn an entry-level salary.

Note that at the beginning of their career, import-export managers earn a gross monthly salary of between 2,700 and 3,000 euros, corresponding to a gross hourly rate of over 19 euros. This is particularly equivalent to a gross salary of between 32,000 and 36,000 euros per year. With taxes (income tax, generalized social contribution, social debt contribution, etc.), the net monthly salary is between 2,100 and 2,350 euros.

What salary can an experienced import-export manager expect?

It is important to know that the salary of an import/export manager can vary depending on several elements including the degree, the sector of activity and the size of the company in which you work. But one factor that most influences salary in this occupation is experience. Of course, the import-export manager has a higher salary when he/she has already several years of experience. If you are planning a salary increase, you will need five years of experience in the same position.

At the moment, organizations and companies offer an experienced import-export manager a monthly gross salary of 4,500 euros on average. This corresponds to a gross annual income of 54,000 euros. With the various taxes, the net salary amounts to 3,500 euros per month.

Can an import/export manager earn a higher salary through bonuses?

Import-export managers can earn a significant salary of over 78,000 euros gross per year. This is entirely possible thanks to a variable part made up of bonuses (qualification bonus, profit-sharing bonus, etc.) paid by companies, particularly the major brands. They know and consider the importance of this profession in the success of their activities. In addition, these groups offer a payment over 13 or 14 months to enhance the salary of the import-export manager.

What you need to know is that there is no salary scale that strictly sets the salary of the import-export manager according to his years of experience. For this reason, companies are free to define the amount they wish to pay to their employees. They can vary the salaries according to the missions and the profiles.

What skills does the import-export manager need to have to earn a higher salary?

If you want a higher salary as an import-export manager, you need to have great skills. In particular, you must:

  • be able to speak several languages, not just French and English. This is very important if the company you work for operates in many countries. Your employer will be at ease knowing that you are reliable in your work and that you know how to deal with suppliers and customers by speaking their languages;
  • have a solid legal knowledge, not only of the country you are in, but also of those your company works with. International trade law is fundamental to business;
  • have a sense of achievement and a great deal of composure to be able to handle stress at work. These skills are very important because they influence your productivity;
  • enjoy traveling regularly.
Updated 17 April 2023