Why do a Bachelor ?

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Not sure which program to choose after high school? Do you want to enter the workforce as soon as possible while having the necessary skills related to your chosen field? In this case, the Bachelor’s degree is really an option to consider. But beyond all that, the Bachelor has much more to offer. So why do a Bachelor’s degree?

In summary:


  • Is a program accessible directly after the Baccalaureate, but also with a Bac +1 and Bac +2.
  • Gives you access to many career opportunities depending on the specialization you choose.
  • Involves 3 years of study after the baccalaureate during which you receive professional training.
  • Costs around 8000 euros per year.
  • Is more advantageous if you opt for an International Bachelor’s degree at a business school specializing in international careers.

Why do a Bachelor ?

The first reason to do a Bachelor’s degree is that it allows you to complete your curriculum internationally. Indeed, this is already possible during your internship period. This way, you can later start your career in a wider area.

Doing a Bachelor’s degree is also a very smart way to enter the professional world more quickly. At the end of your program, you will be able to work directly in a company.

It is also important to know that the Bachelor’s degree focuses as much on theory as on practice. As a result, you will constantly alternate between theoretical courses and practical work in companies throughout your student career.

What are the advantages of the Bachelor ?

Doing a Bachelor’s degree gives you many advantages:

  • The Bachelor’s degree allows you to make the best use of your years of training. As you combine business cases with theoretical courses, you can directly enter the professional world at the end of the program. This, without having to go through an additional internship period after the Bachelor;
  • A Bachelor’s degree can easily give you access to an international career. All you need to do is to join a school that offers specializations on this scale;
  • The Bachelor’s degree gives you the choice to continue your studies in a Master’s degree if you wish to deepen your specialization;
  • A Bachelor’s degree ensures that you will be working in your chosen field. To do this, you just need to join a school that offers the specialization that you are passionate about and that corresponds to your future career.

What are the career opportunities after a Bachelor’s degree?

Career opportunities after a Bachelor’s degree depend on the specialization you choose. However, it is clear that an International Bachelor’s degree considerably increases the list and the prestige of the professions to which you can have access.

Doing a Bachelor’s degree can then open up great opportunities for international work if you complement it with language training. With this, you have the necessary skills to work in an international structure.

For example, if you do an International Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management, you can become a Business Unit Director or Project Manager. Within the framework of a specialization in International Business, the positions of Export Salesman and International Project Manager correspond perfectly to your qualifications.

What is the cost and duration of a Bachelor’s degree?

The duration of a Bachelor’s degree depends on your level at the time of entry into the program. If you are entering a Bachelor’s program right after your high school diploma, the program generally takes three years to complete. With a Bac +1, it is then shortened and takes 2 years. If you have a Bac +2 level, you only have 1 year of Bachelor to complete.

As far as the cost of a Bachelor’s degree is concerned, it generally depends on the school you choose. As a general rule, a Bachelor’s degree costs around 8000 euros per year.

What field can be studied with a Bachelor’s degree at ESCE?

ESCE offers the International Bachelor program. The latter contains 5 specializations from which you can choose. You can choose betweenInternational Business, Corporate Finance,International Luxury Management, Organizational Management and Marketing & Business Development. If you need more information about our school and its different specializations, our FAQ section is at your disposal. You can also learn about the content of each specialization to make a more informed choice.

Updated 20 April 2023