Why do you want to have an international career?

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An international career provides an opportunity to open up to the world, to acquire new language and professional skills and to expand one’s professional network. Undeniably, having already had an international career is a great advantage on a resume.

What advantages can an international career offer?

Obviously, an international career brings new professional opportunities. Generally, when an employee works abroad, he or she moves up. He or she moves to a higher position with more responsibility and a better salary. Thus, for a young graduate, the move to an international environment is an essential step in a managerial career.

In terms of salary, the expatriate employee can negotiate a salary increase with his employer, in addition to bonuses and other financial benefits, allowing him to settle more easily on site. These include rent, transportation if you have to travel to and from France regularly, and schooling for your children.

Also, having an international career allows you to develop personal skills that recruiters are looking for. Indeed, accepting to work in a new environment demonstrates a willingness to adapt, to take risks and to gain autonomy and independence.

How can an international career improve language and intercultural skills?

Logically, an international career is an opportunity to discover a new culture, a new language, a way of life, totally different from one’s own. Working abroad requires a great capacity to adapt, to listen and to be diplomatic, in order to succeed in your immersion. You have to be open-minded and adopt a new vision of life.

At the same time, learning the local language is another advantage of having an international career. It is possible to anticipate by starting the language course well before departure and continuing once in the country. Regular interaction with residents, especially in the workplace and on a daily basis, facilitates learning. Also, mastering another language is an undeniable asset on the job market.

Besides mastering a new language, an international career means having to learn and experience a new culture, different from one’s own. This discovery of new cultures, new professional environments, new points of view, is very beneficial. Indeed, it helps to be more open, more understanding, to increase one’s ability to adapt.

How can an international career broaden horizons and open up new professional opportunities?

An international career is an entirely rewarding experience, allowing you to bounce back effectively. This will increase the value of the employee abroad in the labor market. In practice, going to work abroad gives the opportunity to meet new people. The employee will be integrated into interactions with the people in his or her new environment. He works in teams with new colleagues, to have and build a solid professional network. Thereafter, it is possible to take advantage of new opportunities and job offers at any time.

Moreover, a resume with foreign experience is increasingly appreciated by professionals. This demonstrates the employee’s dynamism, willingness and ability to adapt. The latter also has a different and more open view of the work, due to his unique experience. He shows more autonomy and a tenacious character in the face of danger.

Why join ESCE to start an international career?

ESCE or Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur is a business school specialized in international trade. Our goal is to train students in international business. International trade refers to the exchange of goods or services between many countries around the world.

Also, we train in all the disciplines that need to be mastered to follow a profession in international trade. Moreover, ESCE’s DNA is international business and export management. Our courses offer students the opportunity to open up to international careers through the mastery of foreign languages and the intercultural dimension of the courses. Thus, students are able to project themselves and evolve in a globalized world.

Among our trainings, we have :

  • the ” BAC+5 GRANDE ÉCOLE PROGRAM “. It is a 5-year multidisciplinary training program of excellence. It is accompanied by a global international immersion and a personalized course;
  • the ” BAC +3 INTERNATIONAL BACHELOR PROGRAM “. This 3-year international training program, with a Montessori pedagogy, innovates, to offer a personalized teaching and career path. It is a real springboard to access the world of work or the Master;
  • the ” BAC +5 MSC MASTER OF SCIENCE “. It is a training program that takes place in 1 or 2 years. This training allows you to specialize in a specific field, to become more professional and boost your career.
Updated 21 April 2023