How to find a good master’s degree in finance?

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Are you very interested in all aspects of finance? Have you always known that this is where you want to make your career? Do you want to be among the best in your field? Why not make your dreams come true by opting for a master’s degree in finance? Find out in this article everything you need to know about training to better guide you in your project.

In summary:

A Master’s Degree in Finance:

  • can help you become a high-level executive;
  • is available in major business, finance and management schools;
  • can be done full time, in alternation or by distance learning;
  • gives access to a wide range of opportunities.

Why would you want to take a master’s degree in finance?

Do you want to benefit from a comprehensive training that combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills? Do you want to be more familiar with the way different companies act in relation to their investments and capitalmanagement? Do you want to have an excellent grasp of finance-related fields?

These are great reasons to get into a master’s degree in finance.

What studies are required to enter a master’s degree in finance?

Knowing that a master’s degree in finance takes 2 years and that the diploma at the end of the training is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree, it is accessible with a bachelor’s degree. To be admitted to a master’s degree in finance, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree if you wish to continue your education.

Ideally, you should have pursued your studies in finance-related fields to increase your chances of being admitted to a master’s program in finance. This is an important point that the major business, finance and management schools take into account when considering your application.

If you wish to join theEsce Grande Ecole Program in the 4th year, you must pass the Ambitions + entrance exam. To be able to take this exam, you must have previously validated your 3rd year of higher education. Concerned about your well-being, our school also conducts an interview to evaluate your ambitions and your interest in the program before admitting you.

For more details, especially on the ESCE online written tests, please visit our website and consult theadmission procedures. If you need answers to some questions, you can also access our FAQ section.

What masters in finance can students choose?

As the field of finance is very vast, you have the choice between many finance masters. Whatever you decide to do, they all share some basic subjects that must be taught in order for you to be better prepared. These include accounting and financial reporting, in-depth financial management, and legal, tax and financial engineering.

If you choose to do your Master’s degree in finance at ESCE, you will have 12 specializations to choose from in the Master’s cycle of our Grande Ecole Program. For example, you can opt for a specialization in management control/finance or in corporate finance.

What training method should I choose for my master’s degree in finance?

To give you the opportunity to learn in the best way, it is important to choose the right training modality. The options may be different from one school to another. In ours, for example, you can decide between a full-time, work-study, or even distance learning master’s degree in finance.

Full-time master’s degree in finance

Taking a full-time master’s degree in finance means you’ll need to focus on theoretical courses, especially in the first year of the master’s program. That said, the program itself implies that you are required to do an internship in thesecond year of the master’s program to practice what you have learned.

Master’s degree in finance

Many students and professionals opt for a master’s degree in finance when they want to be operational more quickly. In fact, this teaching method proposes to follow the theoretical courses at school while applying them in the company. It then gives you an idea of what a position entails that you might want to do when you finish your apprenticeship.

Distance learning master of finance

A master’s degree in finance can also be done at a distance, either online. You will benefit from all the theoretical learning without having to travel to attend classes. This type of training gives you a certain amount of freedom, and you can take advantage of it to do an internship or even hold a position that is related to your studies.

How do I know if a master’s degree in finance is right for me?

Have you defined your professional projects beforehand? Do you already know which branch of finance you want to pursue? You’ll know that a master’s in finance degree is right for you if it’s in line with your goals and plans. If you have the ambition and motivation to finish it and succeed, you have certainly found your way.

What can you do after completing a master’s degree in finance?

One of the great advantages of a master’s degree in finance is that it offers many opportunities. At the end of the program, you can choose to continue your studies by choosing a specialization or to enter the work world. Among other things, you can become a financial analyst, public finance controller, or administrative and financial manager.

Updated 17 April 2023