Why do we talk about a level 2 RNCP title?

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The Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles was created to list and classify state-recognized certifications . The classification is based on several elements such as the sector of activity targeted by the certifications or according to their level.

However, this classification has seen a change in 2019. Since then, the classification of levels has been reversed and three new RNCP levels have appeared. Currently, Level 2 of the RNCP corresponds to certifications and skills that can be obtained in college.

In summary:

  • The Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles is a register created in 2002 to list the certifications recognized by the State
  • The certifications obtained at the end of the ESCE International Business School courses are registered in the RNCP
  • Level 2 RNCP titles existed in the old classification Level 2 of the old classification corresponds to level 6 of the new RNCP classification
  • In the current classification, level 2 of the RNCP corresponds to the skills and certifications obtained in college
  • The opportunities offered by the former RNCP level 2 title are numerous. On the other hand, it is more difficult to find a job with the current RNCP level 2

Are there any level 2 RNCP titles?

What are the RNCP levels?

One of the objectives behind the creation of the RNCP is to facilitate the distinction between the different certifications that exist. To do this, the directory proposes a classification based on different criteria. These include the levels of certification.

These levels, which are commonly called RNCP levels , correspond to the academic level of each certification. Each level is assigned a number and the whole is ranked in order of importance or preponderance.

It should be noted that following the decree n°2019-14 of January 8, 2019, the classification of the RNCP levels has been modified. Essentially, the changes are the reversal of the ranking order and the addition of new levels.

Are there any level 2 RNCP titles?

The answer to this question depends on the version of the RNCP classification considered.

Before 2019, a level II RNCP title corresponded to a certification of level bac+3, in other words, the license.

On the other hand, with the new RNCP classification, level 2 corresponds to skills and certifications acquired in college. These certifications are limited to the Certificate of General Education and the National Patent Diploma. In the new classification, the RNCP titles are delivered from level 3.

Understanding the old RNCP level nomenclature

The former RNCP level nomenclature is the one that has been used since the creation of the directory in 2002 until 2019. This one had only 5 levels that grouped certifications ranging from CAP to PhD,PhD and DBA. In other words, from the pre-bac level to the baccalaureate level.

In the old classification, Level I was the highest level of certification . In addition, it included all certifications with a level between bac+4 and bac+8. These included various Masters, MBAs and Doctorates.

Another peculiarity of the old classification was that skills and certifications earned in college and lower grades were excluded.

That classification gave way to the new one in January 2019. However, it should be noted that all RNCP certifications obtained prior to this date remain valid. The academic level of these certifications remains the same, only their correspondence to the classification level changes.

What is the new European nomenclature of certification levels RNCP?

The new European nomenclature or classification of certification levels RNCP appeared in January 2019. This is the classification currently used in the academic and professional field . Moreover, it is in force on the whole French territory. This new classification has several changes from the old one.

First, in order to facilitate the understanding of the classification of RNCP certifications, the numbering has been modified. Classical numerals then replaced the Roman numerals used previously.

Then, the order of the ranking was reversed. From now on, level 1 is the lowest level and level 8 the highest. Three new RNCP levels have therefore appeared. These are the first two levels and level 7.

In the old classification, level 7, which currently corresponds to bac+4 to bac+7, formed a single level with the bac+8. Hence the consolidation of several certification degrees into the former Level I. However, these levels have since been split into Level 7 and Level 8 in the new classification.

In addition, basic skills and certifications earned in college and below now have their own RNCP level. These are the new levels 1 and 2.

Can I find a job with a level 2 RNCP title?

The RNCP level II titles of the old classification which correspond to the certifications of level bac+3. These titles are always recognized by the social partners of the State and in the professional field. On the other hand, the professional opportunities offered by level 2 certifications in the current classification are very rare.

Updated 19 April 2023