What is the salary with a Master in Finance?

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Many students today are turning to the field of finance. It is an industry that promises many opportunities, especially for those who are passionate about the financial markets and the economy. But what about the compensation of Master’s graduates in the field of finance?

What is the salary after a Master in Finance?

For the year 2022, the world of finance attracted more than 12% of graduates. It is indeed one of the most chosen sectors by young workers in France. Even internationally, the finance sector is very attractive. This leads to the question, “Does this industry really pay?” The answer is yes.

Nowadays, the median annual salary after a Master’s degree in Finance in France is 45,000 euros, or 24.73 euros per hour. Entry-level positions can estimate a salary around 32,000 euros per year, while the most experienced people can earn up to more than 68,000 euros per year.

What does a Master’s degree in Finance consist of?

Finance refers to the way organizations, businesses and institutions raise capital and then invest it. It is possible to find it in several areas such as economics, banking, public budgets and the stock market. As for the Master of Finance, this is a program that provides a degree that trains executives.

This Master’s degree consists in teaching students asset valuation and risk management. It allows students to obtain the degree of Bac+5 at the end of two years of training. It is now possible to follow a Master’s degree in Finance in universities, schools of finance, business schools and management schools.

What are the skills and qualities required to succeed in a Master’s degree in Finance?

To excel in this type of Master’s degree, one must have several skills and qualities related to the field of finance. In particular, you must be competent in:

  • risk management ;
  • problem solving ;
  • financial regulations;
  • cash management ;
  • project management ;
  • customer relationship management.

Analytical, managerial, computer and interpersonal skills are also essential. As far as qualities are concerned, you must have the positive attitude of a financier, a desire to succeed in finance, high motivation, a strong ability to work independently and a team spirit.

What are the career opportunities for graduates of a Master’s degree in Finance?

For graduates of the Master of Finance program, there are many career opportunities, including

  • actuary ;
  • Finance Officer;
  • general insurance agent ;
  • financial analyst ;
  • external auditor ;
  • tax lawyer ;
  • business manager;
  • bank account manager ;
  • controller of public finances ;
  • management controller ;
  • management consultant ;
  • broker ;
  • CFO;
  • bank branch manager ;
  • trader.

How do you calculate the potential salary of a Master’s in Finance graduate based on their experience, skills and location?

In the corporate world, the first steps are always accompanied by a thousand questions. The most frequent one is the remuneration. Today, it is possible to know in advance the potential salary you can expect after your Master in Finance. For this, you can use an online salary simulator.

Each simulator has its own way of working, but in general, it will calculate your salary based on your expenses, your skills, your financial needs, your experience, as well as the company’s industry. With this kind of tool, you will be able to see if you are being paid well or not, and therefore decide whether you will stay at your job or try to look for other opportunities.

What Masters in Finance are offered at ESCE?

The ESCE International Business School offers two types of Masters in Finance.

  • The Masters of the Grande Ecole program with the different specialties:

Thus, it is up to you to make the best choice according to your objectives.

Updated 21 April 2023