Why do a work-study program in finance?

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Finance is a field that requires excellent technical knowledge. Most companies and recruiters want candidates who have completed professional and specialized training. In this sector, work-study programs have become real springboards.

Why do a work-study program in finance ?

Although the finance industry offers many job opportunities, it is essential to have strong practical skills coupled with theoretical knowledge. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose a work-study program. Indeed, in the eyes of companies and recruiters, young graduates who have completed work-study programs are generally those who have several years of experience in their own right. And in finance, experience is a huge asset.

This choice also allows you to discover the different sectors, the different types of companies and the different jobs that exist. In addition, it is an ideal opportunity to specialize within the same sector while doing the same job. The work-study program is also a great opportunity to build relationships and enrich your address book. It can also be used as a business card in the various host organizations.

What are the advantages of a work-study program in finance?

The advantages that a work-study program in finance can offer you are numerous:

  • you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. The goal of the work-study program is to be able to put into practice the theoretical courses, while continuing your studies;
  • it is a solution that allows you to benefit from good stability and many opportunities. Indeed, the work-study program allows you to create a network that will help you start your professional career;
  • Work-study is a way to evolve in the short term. Note that if you stay with the same company as an intern for several years, it will also help you build your confidence. This is very important, because in this way, you value yourself in your professional career;
  • It is important to know that finance is a vast field that offers several types of jobs. Thanks to the work-study program, you have the chance to discover different professions, and then to refine your professional choice.

How does the finance work-study program combine theory and practice?

For students, the work-study program is a choice that allows them to obtain significant experience that can be valued and recognized on the job market. It is a way to promote the application of theoretical courses. The alternation combines both theory and practice. The theory is about studies. It provides you with the fundamental theoretical knowledge in finance. The practice, on the other hand, concerns the internship in a company. This will allow you to see the practical side of the sector and will integrate you into the professional world from the start. During your training, you will already be able to develop important skills and take on responsibilities.

What are the different possibilities for work-study contracts in finance?

You can choose between two types of work-study contracts in finance:

  • the apprenticeship contract

This contract allows you to earn a salary while receiving practical training within the organization. At the same time, you must continue to attend classes at the university or school of your choice. At the end of your work-study program, you will have a state diploma. This type of work-study contract allows you to benefit from various financial and tax advantages.

  • the professionalization contract

The principle is almost the same as the apprenticeship contract. The student attends classes while doing practical training in the company. However, this contract is particularly relevant for adults. Its objective is to facilitate the return to employment and integration.

Which courses at ESCE allow you to do a work-study program in finance?

ESCE offers several courses. Some of them allow you to do a work-study program in finance.

  • the Grande École program: this program aims to train international managers who will be able to adapt and be responsible in the face of constantly changing environments and organizations. For the Grande Ecole program, work-study is possible in the 3rd, 4th and 5th years.
  • the Master’s program with a specialization in Management Control/Finance The program focuses on four areas: the construction and interpretation of financial statements to simplify decision-making, the analysis of financial and operational risks, the understanding and use of accounting and financial information systems, and the evaluation of the company’s performance management system.
Updated 24 April 2023