Why choose management for your post-bac orientation?

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Management consists in setting up optimized organization techniques for a company’s services. By choosing this path for your post-bac orientation, you must prepare yourself to specialize in several fields. In addition to having control over human resources, finance and other areas within the company, you will enjoy other benefits.

What are the advantages of choosing management as a post-bac orientation?

By opting for management as a post-baccalaureate orientation, you put all the chances of success on your side. Indeed, the course is composed of several subjects allowing you to be versatile and adaptable. If you want to change your career path later on, the transition will be easy. If your dream job is still out of reach, you can easily find a similar job in the meantime.

Since you will have the opportunity to learn to master several areas at once, the opportunities open to you are countless. In fact, you will be able to work for large companies. If you feel like it, you will also have the skills to start and run your own business.

From the first year in management, you will also learn several soft skills. Whether it’s for building good relationships with your clients or for your personal development, these are important. With these people skills, you will have a better chance of succeeding in whatever you do.

Regardless of your level in the management field, there are still positions available for you. As soon as a company is created, a place for a professional in the field is offered. As a result, labor market saturation is an unknown concept in this field.

Also, the independence of graduates in the field is not insignificant. At all levels, students who have chosen to do management are able to manage a business on their own. Even without professional experience, they can directly create their own business and start up, benefiting from the previous experience.

What are the career opportunities for management graduates?

You have certainly understood that the opportunities in the management sector are countless. Among the best known is the trade of :

  • team leader: in charge of facilitating the distribution of tasks within a company. It ensures that each staff member receives his or her share of responsibility. His main quality is then his ability to lead a team while keeping the objectives in sight;
  • executive assistant: his or her main role is to assist the company’s manager. Whether it’s the big decisions or the details, the executive assistant takes care of everything. Ensuring to be the leader in the absence of the latter, he intervenes in the administration and monitoring of activities;
  • Project Manager: this is the person in charge of defining the missions to be carried out within a company. He rarely works alone since his task is limited to elaboration. The company’s staff is in charge of the implementation. In principle, it indicates the ideal profile of the person in charge of each task.

How can post-baccalaureate management orientation help develop skills useful in various professional fields?

Post-bac orientation, to be successful, must begin in the second grade. The student must then give himself time to choose his field of study and begin to acquire skills. For those who choose the management track, for example, learning a foreign language is beneficial.

During this orientation phase, the student may also request an internship with a company. Although he is still less experienced, he will already discover the constraints of the job. As a result, he will be more likely to find training that will allow him to become better at his dream job.

The post-bac orientation phase is also a period of discovery. The student has every right to approach a professional to share their experiences. Based on the information they get, students can already start training in a useful field.

What are the different management training options available to post-bac students?

Once you have passed your baccalaureate, ESCE offers you two choices of programs leading to a diploma:

  • The Grande Ecole program: a 5-year program leading to a Master’s degree. Offering courses taught in English, the school opens the doors of the international world to its students. With 12 specializations to choose from, the Grande Ecole program ensures the employability of its graduates.
  • Bachelor of Management: this is an international bachelor’s degree. In three years, the student is able to hold a management position in a large company. Moreover, the training modality is modern and is adapted to the needs of today’s companies.
Updated 21 April 2023