What are the opportunities for a Bachelor’s degree in management?

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You have a bachelor’s degree and you have chosen a post-baccalaureate course? You don’t know yet what are the opportunities of a bachelor in management? The great interest of this 3-year training is the combination of theoretical and practical courses. Learners are trained to become operational middle managers in companies. If you’re considering a bachelor’s degree in management, let’s take a look at the opportunities available.

What to do after a Bachelor in management ?

First of all, it makes known that a Bachelor in Management is a 3-year post-bac training. Students learn the fundamental basics of management, commerce and international business. Once the apprenticeship is completed, learners graduate with a Bachelor’s degree.

After a bachelor’s degree in management, graduates can choose between 2 options:

Integrating the job market

Thanks to the professionalizing training, graduates of a bachelor’s degree in management can enter the workforce immediately. During the 3 years of apprenticeship, they have accumulated enough skills to be operational in the company. Whatever the size of the company, SME or multinational, they have the necessary knowledge in management to solve the problems of the economy in companies.

With a bachelor’s degree in management, you will hold middle management positions in a local or international organization.

Continue your studies to obtain a Bac + 5

Graduates of the Bachelor of Management program can continue their studies to obtain a Bac + 5.

Indeed, students can start a master of science or a classical or specialized master in international management.

Young graduates have the choice between university or private schools to do a master degree. A degree at the level of Bac + 5 allows you to claim a position of responsibility in a company. Indeed, the two years of the3rd cycle offer students the opportunity todeepen their work methodology in a specific field.

Note that a master’s degree in international management allows students to project themselves towards a high-level professional career on a global scale.

How to work directly after a Bachelor in management ?

After a Bachelor’s degree, students have acquired the essentials to be operational in a company. The Bachelor’s degree in management provides students with the skills to control, manage, and lead issues in business.

In addition to professionalizing internships, recruiters are on the lookout for young graduates thanks to their more concrete learning in the face of the current market situation. Experiences gained through coursework and corporate applications benefit bachelor’s degree graduates.

To work directly after a Bachelor’s degree in management, the student can apply for a job with the company where he/she will be working during the internship. Some schools have set up platforms to support young graduates. These tools have job offers from the school’s partner companies.

Yet, bachelor’s degree graduates in management can apply to companies focused on their specializations. Apply for a specific position or a large company that is not likely to turn down your offers.

What does a Bachelor’s degree in management prepare you for?

The bachelor in management trains students in business culture and teaches them the necessary skills. In order to become a middle manager in a company, they must be versatile, to manage a team and the problems in the company.

A Bachelor of Management graduate can work in the following positions and professions:

  • Marketing project manager: his role is to supervise projects and team members;
  • sales manager: his mission is to carry out the company’s sales policy;
  • assistant product manager: he/she is the project manager’s companion for his/her operational side.
  • logistics manager: manages the supply and transport of goods;
  • production planner: his mission is to plan the production and guarantee the supplies;
  • buyer: his role consists in prospecting suppliers and negotiating the price on the market.

Other positions in companies are available to holders of a bachelor’s degree in management. You will be able to see this during your internships during the training.

Is it possible to continue my studies at ESCE after a Bachelor’s degree in management ?

If you want to continue your studies after a Bachelor’s degree in management, ESCE offers you this opportunity.

Our school of business and management offers master’s degree programs, leading to a Bac +5. ESCE offers students an MSc or the Master Grande Ecole. The objective of these courses is to introduce learners to business life in a concrete way. They will be able to deepen the essentials to hold positions of responsibility. Moreover, this is the purpose of a management course.

ESCE offers the following programs for graduates in Bachelor of Management:

You should know that admission to these programs is conditional on obtaining a Baccalaureate + 3 / 4 and on passing the ambition + exam.

Updated 24 April 2023