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The Management & Consulting specialization is intended for future project managers and internal and external consultants in consulting firms and companies responsible for change.
This program provides a structured approach to the challenges faced by companies

business excellence

The objectives of the Management & Consulting specialization:

Companies are increasingly entrusting their development projects to consulting firms or internal units. They operate in areas as varied as strategy, organization, marketing and sales, finance, human resources… The consultant combines many qualities: he listens, gathers, transmits his knowledge, persuades…

  • Learn how to perform a strategic diagnosis
  • Learn how to perform a governance diagnosis
  • Learn how to perform an HR diagnosis
  • Acquire a methodology to optimize financial resources
  • Learn to use an ERP
  • Conducting a CSR audit


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the advantages of this specialization

the materials

Strategic diagnosis,

organizational diagnosis

the skills

Establish an organizational diagnosis,

Establish a managerial diagnosis,

Manage organizational change,

Deploying a strategy

the Opportunities

Consultant in change management,

CSR Consultant,

Talent Management

serge besanger – responsable de la spécialisation Management & Consulting

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Updated 23 February 2022