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Faculty and Research

Faculty, international scope, professional and academic dimension

The composition of the teaching body meets both the professional character of the training as well as academic criteria:

  • Nearly 60 permanent professors, with a large number possessing a PhD and regularly publishing in academic and international reviews.
  • Over 200 professionals working in positions of direction or management and specialists in key positions from the corporate world.
  • Professors of 25 different nationalities, which ensures authentic international education.
  • All language teachers are native speakers.

Research at ESCE

ESCE develops a multi-disciplinary research activity in the field of management and economy. It has assembled a team of teacher-researchers who, through their intellectual contribution (works, chapter writings, tribunes in the financial press, etc.) as well as the publication of academic articles (classified FNEGE and/or CNRS 37) help to promote the school’s influence and reputation.

Knowing the diffusion of new knowledge in the managerial and institutional communities is important, ESCE works closely with companies and players in the international trade ecosystem (le Think Tank, La Fabrique de l’Exportation, Playmobil, KPMG, BPI France, etc. ).

Teacher-researchers at ESCE are permanently contributing to and enriching the pedagogy so that the education process can benefit from cutting-edge research.

Research is structured around four main axes of research which match specializations offered by the school:

  • Finance and economy in the era of international change
  • International management
  • Innovating procedures and emerging behaviour in a global environment
  • International value chains and distribution

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