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International sport business

Bachelor Internation Sport Business

Discover the Bachelor International Sport Business from the International Bachelor Program, a path of excellence for sports enthusiasts who want to master this sector in all its diversity. This specialisation prepares our students to become true experts, ready to join sports companies such as federations, clubs and iconic brands like Nike and Adidas.

Our programme also trains future professionals to work for companies that use sport in their communications and strategic positioning, such as Coca-Cola, Samsung and Rolex. Immerse yourself in the world of sport with a comprehensive training programme and exciting career opportunities.

  • Rhythm: Classical
  • CAMPUS :3rd year Bachelor’s degree in Paris
  • TEACHING LANGUAGE:French or English

What subjects are taught in the International SPORT BUSINESS specialisation?

La connaissance du sport

  • Sports associations
  • The sports ecosystem
  • E-sport
  • Sports betting

Le commerce international à travers le sport

  • The economics of sport
  • Sports law
  • Brand knowledge
  • E-commerce

Le management

  • The digitalization of sport
  • Project management
  • Managing sports organizations

Le marketing et la communication 

  • Communication and press relations
  • Content marketing
  • Sports marketing
  • Web marketing
  • Sports media
  • Sports events

L’influence de la géopolitique sur le sport et du sport sur la géopolitique

  • Understanding a country’s strategic and geopolitical culture through sport
  • The respective influences of geopolitics and sport
  • Optimizing the influence of a professional sport through the example of American sport
  • Personal management through sport.


  • LV1: English
  • LV2: your choice according to proposals

There are the professions that accompany the practice of sport:

  • Community Manager,
  • Sponsorship manager
  • Club Sports Manager,
  • Equipement Sports & Loisirs operator,
  • Store Manager,
  • Sports Director,
  • Logistics Manager…

And then there are the jobs that go with the sports show:

  • Stadium Manager,
  • Sports Event Manager,
  • Sports Marketing Manager,
  • Digital Marketing Manager,
  • Director of Communications,
  • Mobile Web Project Manager,
  • Brand Image Manager,
  • Merchandising Manager,
  • Hospitality Manager,
  • Promotion Manager,
  • Business Developer,
  • Sports product manager,
  • Box office manager,
  • Commercial …

What to do after the International Sport Business Bachelor ?

After completing a Bachelor in International Sport Business, several paths are available to our students :

  • Start your professional career
  • Continue your studies with the ESCE Grande Ecole Program in the 4th and 5th year, with the possibility of doing a double degree Master of Science Sport Business Management at the International University of Monaco.

Nathan Kosmowski

Admissions Manager International Bachelor Program

For international applications*, please contact

*Warning! The international admission procedure only applies to you if you are not a French national and live outside France.


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Updated 1 March 2024