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Understand CURRENT CHALLENGES and major contemporary issues

Can we train in international trade without analyzing the perpetual transformations of our world? Aware of this imperative, ESCE offers its students 3 regular online programs on its YouTube channel, which combine with academic courses given by our teachers, to understand the impacts of major crises and environmental challenges in their future professional careers

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What is “RDVG”?

“Les RDVG”, or Les Rendez-vous de la Géopolitique, represents innovative content broadcast since 2016 in the form of captivating interviews, aimed at raising students’ awareness of the complex intricacies of Geopolitics.

This content addresses a variety of themes related to national issues, key regions and conflicts, adopting two main approaches: applied history and strategic modalities. They combine with lectures to study global logics and dynamics in more depth. Thus, each student can develop their own point of view on the world and go further in their thinking.


What is « LIBRES ÉCHANGEs » ?

“LIBRES ÉCHANGES” is a series of podcasts entirely available online, integrated into a dynamic educational program dealing with crucial subjects linked to international trade and major societal issues. This approach complements the lessons to arouse curiosity, encourage exchanges and fuel reflection around the main economic, social, technological and environmental challenges of our time.

ESCE students are informed via the school’s social network dedicated to digital content “Idee _fab” and by their teachers. An excellent educational resource, which allows you to develop knowledge and critical thinking but also to deepen your thinking and cross points of view… to promote interdisciplinary learning and a global understanding of the issues addressed.


What is « HUMANITÉ.S » ?

HUMANITÉ.S is much more than just an educational program; it stands out for its resolutely people-oriented philosophy, thus placing questions and issues at the heart of the learning experience. Within this innovative program, the diversity of digital means and formats is used strategically to enrich the educational experience, thus allowing a better understanding and analysis of the major economic, social, technological and environmental issues that shape our contemporary world.

The goal is to create a dynamic learning environment where classical philosophy meets the latest advances in social fields, thereby fostering educational collaboration that transcends academic boundaries. HUMANITÉ.S is positioned as a truly immersive experience, encouraging critical reflection and promoting the emergence of new perspectives on contemporary challenges.

discover ESCE
in the 1st year post-baccalaureate

The first 3 years:
acquire key skills in international business and an in-depth approach to international political science

4th and 5th year:
choose one of the 11 specializations in one of the major areas of management, in classic or apprenticeship

Obtain a BAC+5 Master’s degree, with the possibility of a double degree with HEIP.

Learn 2 languages, an optional 3rd by native language teachers

The average salary of young graduates is around
42 000€*

91% of ESCE graduates found a job in less than 4 months*

(*): among graduates in professional activity – 2023 study on the last 3 promotions

Go study internationally
in more than 50 countries!

double degrees

partner universities
on all continents

international study

of international

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Updated 7 March 2024