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ESCE International Business School recently organized the 6th Export Management Workshop, an Atlas AFMI-accredited event.

The story of this memorable day

In the morning

The morning began with a breakfast followed by an opening session. The first session at 10.15 a.m. explored the creation of value by SMEs in their international activities, the internationalization of family businesses and the internationalization strategy for local products.

At midday, Professor Leonidas Leonidou presented “Exporting Research: Prior Knowledge and the Way Forward”. The afternoon addressed the resilience of Ukrainian exporters, the link between importer involvement and new product development performance, and the marketing strategy of SME exporters.

In the afternoon

The program concluded with lectures on “How to Publish in Export Marketing?” by Matthew Robson and “Une vision à 360° des échanges extérieurs de la France” by Professor Daniel Mirza. A doctoral consortium on AI in international trade took place simultaneously.

The day ended with a closing speech at 5:45pm, followed by a dinner cruise on the Seine from 7:00pm to 10:00pm, offering participants a relaxed opportunity to extend the exchanges.

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Updated 17 May 2024